Bid For 9mobile: Two Finalist Emerged, Smile Holdings and Teleology Holdings

Unfortunately for Glo, they lost in the bid for the acquisition of 9mobile… The table
turned the other way and Smile Telecoms Holdings and Teleology Holdings Limited
emerged as the finalist.

It will interest you to know that on either side are former CEOs of MTN
Nigeria leading the charge. Smile Telecoms Holdings has one of its leaders
Ahmad Farroukh and Teleology Holdings Limited is led by Adrian Wood.

Adrian Wood was the second Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria . He
served for almost two years only. Thereafter he was named Group Managing
Director of Daily Times of Nigeria. He is currently the CEO of Brymedia
West Africa Limited.

Ahmad Farroukh on the other hand joined MTN as
Chief Executive Officer after 18 months from Wood departure, is currently the
Group Executive Director in charge of Operations at Smile Telecoms Holdings.
Given the preeminent role of Smile Nigeria towards the realisation of the
Federal Government’s quest for enhanced broadband penetration, Ahmad spends
most of his executive time in Nigeria and will be central to Smile’s quest to
acquire 9Mobile. 
Looking at the records, Farroukh had more outstanding
results than Wood. He increased MTN subscriber base to 40 million and achieved 62%
healthy marging between July 2006 and April 2011. 
Look at the table below for both capability:
smile and Teleology holdings
Smile Telecom Holding and Teleology Holdings
Limited final fight will decide the best match for the bride 9mobile. 
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21 thoughts on “Bid For 9mobile: Two Finalist Emerged, Smile Holdings and Teleology Holdings”

  1. I'm disappointed with glo. They should have put in more effort. I was seriously waiting and anticipating glo's sweet data plans on a faster network. But now, they remain dsame way they are, slow and poor

  2. I can smell selfish interest on this bid
    How come the big guys lost out of the bid
    What you guys dont understand is this, the smaller telecom cant afford to sell data at a cheaper rate, telecom bizness require alot of money to start and stil require much more money to keep the buzness going.
    How many of us are SMILE subscriber here ?
    How many buy there MIFI and never sub on it anymore ?
    How many of us sub once or twice and decided not to sub again ?
    How many sub for SMILE data for a while and quit because the rate is too high to bear ?
    IF Etisalat can borrow money to setup his buzness but can not sustain it, i dont see SMILE surviving if they try to enter the BIG shoe.
    Smile only Cover 7 state at the moment
    and i believe 9mobile covered almost the entire country
    let put out sentiment and selfishness.
    Such thing happen when fed govt want to privatize NEPA, they put in selfish and give the bid to the company that can not offer us anything, i think we all know what is happening to our electricity at the moment.
    PLEASE NIGERIA, for once let do something right without adding any selfishness or sentiment.


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