Glo Introduces 4X Recharge Bonus for Subscribers

This plan was up and running before, I don’t know why they stopped it; but the good news is that Glo 4X recharge is back.

Glo 4X recharge offers you 4 times the value of your recharge in bonuses when you dial the below code. When you Recharge your Glo lines by dialing *323*PIN# OR top up electronically with any of the following amounts: N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050 and N10,050.

glo 4X recharge

The Glo 4X recharge bonus can be used to call all networks in Nigeria, browse, send SMS and call 24 international destinations.

When you also recharge through any of their existing channels such as Glo Café, Online, ATMs & POS terminals, you’ll also get the 4X recharge bonus.

I have been on Glo Bumpa package that gives you 200% bonus anytime I recharge since the very day the sim was bought and I’m not planning changing that package anytime soon.

How to Check Your Glo 4X Recharge bonus?

For bonus balance, dial *122*30# and to check your main balance, dial *124*1#

Left to me, I need more of data because I can simply use it to make WhatsApp calls and not more of airtime that can’t be used to buy data.

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22 thoughts on “Glo Introduces 4X Recharge Bonus for Subscribers”

  1. Exactly, I don’t really need airtime to call, I need airtime to subscribe. This package will not attract people like me.

  2. Used to enjoy the bonus airtime back when I was using Glo on bumpa until one couldn’t browse with the netwrk. Had to switch. Good one from glo, but I’ll pass

  3. I don’t know if it’s bad management, bad infrastructure or sabotage. But everything GLO is doing for Nigerians is good, I just wonder why their network issues persists.

  4. I abandoned my glo sim for over a year now and since I am the type that is not after call bonus, I don’t plan on going back to their network anytime soon.

  5. Like play play I abandoned my glo sim. I prefer glo bumpa that’s what I was using. Glo has lost many customers already.

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