Barter Virtual Mastercard Card is Getting an Upgrade to Physical Cards & Visa Cards

I want to believe by now some of you should have gotten your
Barter Virtual Card. It makes shopping online easier. If you haven’t create an
account for yourself, you can simply do that here. No need of begging someone
to help you order smartphones from AliExpress or Gearbest because of naira

limitation when you can easily do that by yourself with barter virtual master card
without any hassle.

There have been lots of update from barter and I’m glad they
listened to their users.
Yes! Barter is getting an upgrade, Physical cards and barter
Visa cards. Barter is currently upgrading their site to allow users order and
pick up physical cards at airports in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.  this cards can be use for easy international payments so long your
wallet is funded.
Note that you can also withdraw your wallets funds to your
bank account but charges applies. Also note that you can create more than one
Barter Virtual cards after which monthly maintenance fee will apply.
Barter Virtual Cards has been a life safer for some of us.
Those of you that have been using it, share us your experience so far with us…
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28 thoughts on “Barter Virtual Mastercard Card is Getting an Upgrade to Physical Cards & Visa Cards”

  1. Someone still says it's not working on anytime he tried to pay make a payment if the item he both they keep displaying payment cancel..

  2. Pls oga yomi the getbarter is a scam….i guess this was a paid post. I tried the platform and up till now my cash is still trapped there and i can not even pull it back to my bank account cos the whole thing is just a waste of time.

    • Jerry you are absolutely wrong. It is not a scam and not a paid post. If you are having issues, chat with the admin and they'll help you out.

  3. Was easy and successful when i used it recently just that they charge a lil bit high @391 per dollar… Apart from that, it's a good way to buy abroad cus of the restrictions

  4. I just opened an account but, I'm having a bit of issue on how to attach my MasterCard to the account.
    Please, Prof., could you expantiate more on how attach cards to the account, how much would be debited on certain deposit, and any other thing you feel like sharing with us.
    Thank you.

  5. YOmi, i just tried funding my NGN wallet and m,y cash was debited but i cant see any money in my wallet.. please help almost 60k gone

  6. Prof, my money is gone, Barter is a scam, I've never known you to publicize a ponzi scheme before. i tried funding my wallet just as you instructed and my whole cash of about N60,000 is gone without a trace. I cant believe this..


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