Are You Still Using Old Blackberry Phones? You’ll Soon be Able to Trade it For a New Phone

Are you still using Blackberry phone or do you have
blackberry phone in your possession? Well, there appears to be a good news for
you. Blackberry announced few days ago that 
it will launch a trade-up program that would make it easy for owners of
old BlackBerry handsets to buy a BB device released in 2017.

So with the aid of this program when launch, holders of old
blackberry phones or Blackberry 10 will receive “a significant discount
and incentive” to upgrade to the BlackBerry KeyOne or Motion.
And the fate of Blackberry Priv have been determined as it
will no longer receive any update again but you still have opportunity to trade
in this phone for another one released in 2017 when trade-in-program is launch.
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26 thoughts on “Are You Still Using Old Blackberry Phones? You’ll Soon be Able to Trade it For a New Phone”

  1. BlackBerry Priv is the first phone from the brand to run Android OS. It got updated only to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but at least, the device never missed any security updates in the whole 23 months of its existence.

    This is the end of the road for that smartphone, as <a href=">BB Priv won't receive anymore monthly security updates</a> from the company.

    What's BB without security? ?

    • Sorry bro, maybe you've not start using phone when blackberry is ruling the market, blackberry on one side all other phones ? in other side.
      You can only escape using blackberry only if you only have one ☝️ phone ?, 85% of people that have 2 phones ? it will surely be blackberry + any android phone because there pinging can't be compared to any chatting apps then.
      So bro I think you come in to the phone world ? when blackberry reigns is over
      ( don't take it personal it's just the truth bro )

    • @Cruz, i was using Symbian Instead of Blackberry. I never liked it even the BBM of a thing. Till date, I've never opened the BBM app on my Android.

      When Blackberry was ruling the world, I was using Symbian+Java instead of it. I dislike Blackberry till date.


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