Airtel Rocking For Free On All Device

No need for long story this evening but I think you need to bring out your data straw and sip download before you sleep. If you are still awake then don’t waste any of your time, just bring out your Airtel sim, insert it into any of your device and keep surfing.

Make sure you set your APN to and keep surfing until its blocked. No any extra configuration needed.
Don’t dull your self oooo…

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31 thoughts on “Airtel Rocking For Free On All Device”

  1. Yes it works with ucweb and opera
    If it doesn't work at first Goto ur homescreen type TCP
    Open it up enable Apn and input
    Save and you're done
    Stopped working 4 me sha after I used a GB above

  2. Prof good evening, pls I know here is not d right place for this But it's Bodering,♜I changed my gionee e2 imei as instructed by your tutorial and it was successful den I subscribed d glo bis and ever since den my 3g refuse to come up But if I insert line in someone else phone 3g will display, I have even download nd install supervpn still no show,Prof please wat do I do..?

  3. Menh Airtel have zapped all my data o, within two days of sub I have 31mb left, and I downloaded about five songs from to also made a 250mb update of my iPhone apps. Although am using the blackberry plan, even at that please should the zapping be that much Oga prof?

    • Airtel is just like a Nigerian Ninja dat resides in brono… I don't trust them at all. it's not suppose to be like that. PC and iPhone don't consume data like android. Just port to mtn data.

  4. I subscribed for airtel BB plan of #1500 with a 2GB data cap and as I was downloading a 980MB worth of download, it stopped . downloading after about 940MB was downloaded. I tried to browse it refused and I discovered that my data was exhausted under 1hr plus.

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  6. Pls prof.yem….. Update us how to hack wifi using android and symbiam phone…. Is been long i heard abt dis package nd i hav been try my best nt going tru… ''Wifi hack is not work''


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