Now That MTN BIS on Android is Blocked, What is The Way Forward?

OOOOOOSh…  MTN decided
to do the undoable by intentionally privatizing MTN Bis. Though it has served
the public and most especially Android and PC users for quite some time now… I
enjoyed this specific benefit of unlimited download and life streaming with MTN
daily Bis before it was blocked.
Now that its blocked, what is the way forward?

To all the imei tweakers, etisalat 500MB (359750050124581) is still
rocking, MTN 250MB(868988012059407) is still rocking and Airtel 2GB is still working. Not all
likes to tweak so for those gentle looking Android & PC users, read

Don’t subscribe to MTN Bis on your device because it will
just be a waste of money. You can go with MTN third party data reseller… 1GB
goes for #1,200. And if you have a good 
Glo network reception in your location, you can use Glo Bis instead of
MTN. Or better still Etisalat 500MB goes for #700, 1GB goes for #1,300.
Pending till when it will be open again. Those who are still
on Eti PayG, it still rocks like mad… Meanwhile, keep warming up for Infinix
hot note IMEI… About to be unleash in grand style (1.5GB no be Moi Moi)
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33 thoughts on “Now That MTN BIS on Android is Blocked, What is The Way Forward?”

  1. I laugh them they're waiting for the infinix Hot note imei

    Guys come to me, contact me I have a brand new IMEI for 3GB

    they're hidden charges to it.

    hope this is not a scam sha?

    am only trying to help.





    generate new imei from dat by changing d last 5, 4, 3 2, numbers…

    and send FASTLINK TO 131

    Tweak it on different Sims to get upto 100GB.

    • Copied directly from gurusblah blah

      I laugh you nor be small if you tweak that you won't get a reply and the traffic on it is too much.
      Do you think that's the one am talking about? Lols.

      You can all manage troid with your Jumia plan.


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