How To Make Cheaper Calls To All Networks Using Mtn Line

Without any doubt, I can see almost all are already grinding
the Eti bis on various device. If you don’t want auto renewal from etisalat,
just dial this code  *229*0#  if not they will just auto renew you  when your plan expire without prior notice. Keep
using it while it last.

 It seems this is just
the best month  ever because early
hours of this morning, I reluctantly checked one of my  old MTN abandon sim bonus balance  using the code *559# only to see 1005MB (1GB)
of which I didn’t buy any data subscription. If you have an MTN line
or the one you’ve abandon for sometimes, just check your data bundle and if you
are lucky enough, 1GB will be smiling at you. And if you didn’t see
extra data just recharge #100 on that line and perhaps MTN might be touched to
bless you with it.

This is just an unbeatable fact that you will make more
calls this period than ever because of it’s festive nature. In order to cut
cost while making calls, I have decided to compile this simple trick that will
help you reduce call rate charges to all networks using your mtn line.

How Can I Make Cheaper Calls On My Mtn Line?
This is the trick, anytime you want to
make calls to any network using your mtn line, just add #555 at the end of the
number you wish to call. E.g. 07061234567#555 and dial. You will be charged at
a lesser rate to all networks.
You can also call other networks with MTN bonus and even on
Zone plan, MTN will charge  you at the same rate. i.e 4kb, 8kb, 12kb etc.
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21 thoughts on “How To Make Cheaper Calls To All Networks Using Mtn Line”

    • Sorry for not replying you on time. Did you create a new apn without password and username? if you didn't do it. And if it still didn't work out for you, i will advice you switch package

  1. That's true yomi,i saw 1000MB on my old sim but the free call code is not working cos i tried it on my 3 sims lie this 08033755943#555.Anyway God bless

    • hello bro, if you just subscribe for the plan, top it up with 10mb and it will work. Make sure you set your apn to
      password and username: internet

  2. @Prof: I tried the mtn code for cheap calls and was charged at the same rate of 12naira/min as usual, no reduction even with the code. I am on trutalk package. Why is dis so?

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