Infinix Set to Launch Infinix X559 Hot 5 & Infinix Hot 5 Lite – See Specs Below

Launching of smartphone is now like per second’s billing…Most
especially Infinix and Tecno brands.

Infinix is set to launch another smartphones Infinix Hot 5
and Hot 5 Lite also code name Infinix X559 says rumor mongers and they are both
going to run Android 7 nougat out of the box This is going to be the successor
to the Infinix X557 also known as the Infinix Hot 4.
INFINIX HOT 5 and HOT 5 LITE will have a better Double Flash
with clearer image in the dark than the hot 4. It will also come with Double
Microphone, 3 D stereo best performance and communication. 
Both Hot 5 and Hot 5 Lite come with Double Speaker and
Screen display of 5.5 HD, 4000mAh, 3G, Android 7…
Infinix Hot 5 & Hot 5 Lite Memory
Hot 5 Lite will come with 16GB ROM, 1 GB RAM while HOT 5 will
come with 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, FingerPrint ID…  
We await more specification soon!
For the price, Infinix Hot 5 will be priced at $100 (N37,000),
while Hot 5 Lite $80 (N29,600). The expected launch for these devices should be
August ending 2017.
Please take this info with a grain of salt until when launch.
What is your take on this?
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14 thoughts on “Infinix Set to Launch Infinix X559 Hot 5 & Infinix Hot 5 Lite – See Specs Below”

  1. Leave them… Let dem turn theirself to Olamide. Forgetting all tinz dat goes up wil all com down. Giv out quality rada dan quantity so dat wen d coming down comes, pipu will get hold of something special to remember u. Imagine in a space of a year, d want to reach Hot 10…

  2. Hello critics or judges, do u av any single idea how many phones Samsung released this year within a Space of 7month?

    If u had any idea about it, trust me, u won't complain about Infinix Mobility.

  3. oga prof.
    thanks for your service.
    I have a little challenge.
    my innjoo 2 Bluetooth doesn't come up. & my hot spot switches off after it has been set on.
    expect your reply.

    • Sorry to say this but InnJoo doesn't care about its fans that is why they no longer provide updates for any of their devices anymore. The only way to fix this is to factory reset your smartphone.


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