#5 Great Sites To Streamline And Upload Music Online

The truth still remains that everyone loves music but it all
depends the kind of music. Someone like me, I love playing music at the background
because music naturally inspire me whenever I am working on system. Whether you
like it or not, whenever I play music, I draw more creative ideas from infinite
intelligence and I can tell when I see great fans of music; my God, they can simply go a wire for music sake..lol!
I am going to share with us 5 great sites where you can
easily stream music online free of charge even though some offer premium
services but you can still stream music without 
premium service.
#5 Great Site To Streamline Music
Hulkshare: This one is seriously gonna blow your mind, it
allow you to upload your music, and share it with friends, streams music online
and even attach it to your blog for your readers to stream music why they read
your contents. The easiest way to reach the public is through Huckshare.

Deezer is one of a great music stream online site. It let
you enjoy unlimited access to 25million tracks, for free. As you can see, I am
listen to one of my favorites songs. Click here to access the site.

Jango  service is free
to use and it let you stream your favourite music anytime any day, there’s no
premium feature that requires a paid upgrade. I bet, you are going to love
this, only that it is ads supported. Stream your favorite music across the
globe with this.

Sound Cloud: This is one of  the most popular cloud music website that
allows you to upload and share your MP3 tracks. Maybe you have been looking for
a great way  to share your mp3 music
online, this will probably be good for you.

Grooveshark has a user-friendly user interface and there are
millions of song available to burn your ear drum. You need to log in with
Twitter or Google to use their service is quite great. It’s also ad-supported
but there’s an option to remove the ad with a monthly subscription.

Perhaps their are some i did not mention, feel free to add them.

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  1. Weldone prof Yomi….but i think is mb that we re goin to use for this stream please can you post any cheat for all those network pls i mean their mb cheat or hack it for unlimited…Thanks for everything Prof Yomi…May Almighty Allah continue to be Blessin you.

  2. Prof greetings. Please how do I transfer MB from one airtel sim to another? I realize my BIS MB is empty and my pings not delivery and I can't browse but my BIS has not expired. I have about 4gig in another line please let me know how to transfer some, My Email is: [email protected] thanks bro

  3. @Anonymous, To transfer 10MB Dial: *141*712*11*recipient number#

    To transfer 25MB Dail: *141*712*9*recipient number#

    To transfer 60MB Dial: *141*712*4*recipient number#

    • I think it is a network issue or better still, go to app world and download opera browser or UC Web to be really sure it's not netwk issue.


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