Blackberry Priv Stock Android Apps Now Available on Google Play

The much awaited Blackberry Priv is up
for pre order… To further prepare for the impending full launch, BlackBerry has
published several of the stock apps that will come with the smartphone on
Google Play. In all, there are 6 apps to look out for, including:

Keep in mind that none of these are
actually installable yet, as the Priv isn’t yet available. I’m sure you won’t
want to miss these apps running on your Android device must especially you
trying out the Blackberry Priv launcher, Keyboard, Password Keeper and DTEK by
Blackberry. Blackberry keyboard is the bomb!
After the launch, we should know where
to go with those apps. Blackberry Priv, here I come!
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11 thoughts on “Blackberry Priv Stock Android Apps Now Available on Google Play”

  1. Thankz for ur concern and ur work…. But how much product can i order to hv a trckng number… And d formal is now 45 days if they can return my money let me place a new order that woth trckng number

    • Hello Chuks,
      It should be above 40 dolloars or you pay 1 dollar to track your item. The $10 item I ordered for, I paid 1 dollar to track it. Just chat with their customer rep and they'll attend to you.

  2. Gud day i saw one of ur post on hw to unbricked a phone. I followed all d steps untill i got to d point of were to click soft unbrick. But a pop up came up showing unspecified erro wat those dat mean. Am unable to unbrick it till now pls help.


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