What is Happening With The Free-to-air digital tv FG Launched?

What is happening with the Free to-air- digital TV launched by the federal Government? It seems lots of people have abandoned it.

At launch, the FG said the new Free-to-Air television had wide range of channels so that it could compete with foreign satellite televisions such as GOtv, DSTv, and the Startimes. But right now, complaint are coming from right left and center.


The Free to air decoder dubbed FreeTV comes with 30 channels but some persons are only able to access few of the channels. Other complaints include lack of BBC, CNN, Super Sports, among others as expected by users.

FreeTV coverage

FreeTv covers 6 locations which includes; Plateau, Abuja, Kwara, Kaduna, Enugu and Osun State.

How much is the Decoder?

The decoder is sold for N1500. No monthly subscription. You only subscribe yearly

Those of you using this Free-to-air decoder, how has been your experience so far?

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30 thoughts on “What is Happening With The Free-to-air digital tv FG Launched?”

  1. have not heard about dis free tv before.
    tho, prof listed kwara up dre
    i spent almost a year in kwara and did even see anytin like freee tv decorder.
    i really dnt know who’s is using it..
    lastly anything thats not in lagos, its meaningless from my own point of view

  2. Just hearing about this the first time and I have been in Abuja. I guess the likes of dstv and gotv has made its awareness very low to some persons like myself

  3. Gbam…my landlord and his family used this…once see them watch so many programs on it, they have been using it since last year and is still working fine, thou they used it with 2dishes

  4. so lagos is nigeria right?. The free to air is part of the analogue to digital switch over initiative and it was launched first in plateau state in 2016 by NBC, it is kind of worrying that 2years after they are yet to cover half of the states in Nigeria because from my understanding the country was given a deadline of 2017 by the international telecommunitions union(ITU) to switch over after we missed the previous deadline of 2015.

  5. have not heard of this free to air decoder but notwithstanding how do you expect quality when it lacks proper budgeting. #1500 ! Gather all the state channel past the content it offers.
    prof. nice info

  6. No even public awareness. No advertisements. Dy need to improve the service and go online Instagram Facebook Twitter to market it.

  7. I don’t know about it. This free stuff may not show premium channels. It’s a welcome development but poor management and corruption in every post is always the problem.

  8. Good morning prof, Pls I’m setting up an iPhone 4 and I’m stuck @ SIM not supported screen, what will I do. thanks

    • Hello Kay,
      It appears the iPhone 4 is locked to a particular network. Try another sim, if it gives you thesame result, then your iPhone 4 needs to be unlocked

  9. Lol. I have been seeing dis thing in kd for long oh. I thought it was one of those imported Chinese decoders dat are tweaked to catch some channels. Never knew it was even federal government owned. Mtcheew

  10. I know this doesn’t concern the topic.

    Prof or any knowledgeable user in the house, how do I go about receiving and cashing out a check from surveysavvy…has anyone done that before?


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