Best Data Plan For BB10, iPhone, Android, PC & Nokia Users In May 2014

I’m not going to waste much time telling you same old stories
you are used to but will just go straight to the point. This write up is going
to guide you through which data plan to use on your tablets, iPhone, bb10 or
any other device including Nokia Phones to use in this month of May, 2014. Just
read the one that concerns your device.
For BB10 Users:
It is obvious that BB10 is actually taking over the market
and I gallantly recommend it for everyone  thinking of getting a
smartphone to use as a modem and as well as hotspot to any other device.
If you don’t know which type of bb10 to buy, I can help with you with an advice
and price list. However, the greatest mistake you’ll make as a bb10 user is to
subscribe for any bb10 package.

The reason been is that all bb10 are expensive with lesser
data which can’t even last you upto a week. Why go for a bb10 plan when normal
bis works on it. At the moment, Glo Comonth and Absolute which gives you 3GB
for 1k, works with it with fast YouTube streaming and download. To subscribe
for the package, send “Comonth to 777.
For Android Users:
I learnt etisalat just introduce a useless plan that I won’t
even recommend for my enemies; it charges you #200 daily while having unlimited
bbm, twitter, whatsapp but you can’t browse with it nor download. However,
Airtel bis is a scrap and a crap so I won’t recommend anyone to subscribe for
any of the airtel monthly bis package except you’ll be subscribing for it every weekend @ the rate
of #1500.
Mtn Night plan is still the ideal for every Android Users
that allow you to browse 247. If at all it stop browsing during the day, refer
to this tututorial here on how to boost it with openVPN.
For iPhone Users:
iPhone and iPad users are not left out in this  but inorder to save your pocket, Mtn night
plan is still the ideal for your device, within the weak, I’ll introduce you to
a free vpn you can use to boost this package so that even when the free 1.5GB
exhausted, you’ll still be able to use it anytime and any day.
For PC Users:
I don’t need to stress much on this as the same still goes
to all PC users. If you are using bb10, don’t stress yourself to subscribe for
additional plan again as you can hotspot it to your pc. If you are a heavy
internet user or a blogger that always consume more that 10GB permonth, then you
might want to consider Glo alternative. Aside of this, Mtn Night plan that
works during the day I recommend. To subscribe for this package, dial *102# and
it will be up. Mind you, no bis package aside of Airtel bis will work on your device at the moment.
For Nokia users:
Lol… do you think Nokia users need a plan? You don’t need
any plan because anytime you recharge your phone with any amount, you’ll always
be given free mb to use throughout the week on Mtn, glo, and etisalat.
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14 thoughts on “Best Data Plan For BB10, iPhone, Android, PC & Nokia Users In May 2014”

  1. Yomi open VPN works with nite plan wells on my ipad.


    Download open VPN then download izip
    Goto the server address n download open in I zip then extract the servers

    Tap on the server to import to open VPN

    Goto setting input APN n web web

    Goto setting locate open VPN n set the protocol to TCP n enable proxy put mtn IP n port

    For iPhone u can input IP n port on the setting

    Go back to open VPN n launch the server then input user name n pass save it n wait to connect


  2. Pls prof I wana use etisalat on my techno cos d network is good dwn here…pls how do I go abt d 1mnth 3g plan

  3. last time i opened my hotspot on my BB Z10 using Glo BB10 plan. other devices like android, Pc and other BB got connevted. but it is only BB that could browse. sir, how can i get my connected PC to browse using BB Z10 hotspot.

  4. Just set up your hotspot on BlackBerry z10, then turn ur hotspot ON. Make sure your pc wireless is equally turn on, and soon, your pc will discover ur hotspot network, just hit connect from ur network tray and you'll be required to enter password, enter d password you used in setting up ur hotspot and connect.

    The bb10 plan u re using is somehow expensive bt u can use glo comonth for 1k dat gives u 3gb on ur bb10. It will work.


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