Best Android Games All Time

Hello Android Lovers, to those who are game freak and the
new android users this 2014, find below the best android games for your device.
You just can’t afford to be bored all the time friends, if everything else on
your device bore you, then you should try the games below.

Best Free Shooting Games:
I’m pretty sure you now know how to download all paid games
apps for free if you don’t, click here to learn how to. 
Dead Trigger: The graphics are amazing,
interesting and fascinating. I call this action and nothing more. To download
it, click here.
Call of Duty: This is another unique game that allows
players to arrange and coordinate their squard on a full terrorist mission
attack. I just love this game in particular and recommend it to all android
users. Though it’s paid but you can download for free using the download freepaid app method.
Best Free Racing Game:
Fast and Furious 6: I’m sure you’ve all watch
the striking movie featuring Van Diezel. Players shift gears at just the right
time to move ahead of rivals. You can download it here 
Forever Drive: As far as racing games go,
Forever Drive ranks high on style and imagination. You don’t need to know how
to drive a car before your control this game drive. You can download it here.
Racing 3
is bound to keep gearheads entertained. It puts real brand-name cars
on real-world tracks – hence the name. It features an interesting asynchronous
multiplayer system whereby lap times are recorded from your friends, and you
race against a bot that’s driving at that time. Download it here
Don’t dull yourself if you don’t have any to keep you busy,
download as many as you can so long you have enough space on your device.
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17 thoughts on “Best Android Games All Time”

  1. oga yomi..weldone
    please i need your assistance here
    im using a huawei c8813 that is locked to a china network although it doesnt request for password when i insert a just doesnt recognise the sim there by displaying "invalid sim". i dunno wat to do. i have yried flashing a new rom but to no avail. the phone is a cdma/gsm phone. please help

    • Hard reset ur device by holding down d volume down and power button simultaneously without letting go until u see a recovery screen and then let go. Scroll with volume up/down button, select using d power button.

    • Av tried DAT method several times and after been told DAT my formatting is successful, I still find all my applications

    • that format it again bro so that you'll reduce the life span of your device. Just load it into safe mode and uninstall any app you don't want to see.

  2. Please prof yomi I think the games require their root folders in other to play them,such as fast and furious six, so how do we get them,…


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