How to Get Rid of The Annoying Wi-Fi Only Download Limit on Android

So you’ve got your new Xiaomi phone and now you are ready to
start downloading your favorite apps, games etc… suddenly a problem arises! It
seems that no matter what connection you use you’re constantly impeded by the
strange WiFi-only limitation for downloads, whether it be the browser or within
an app, you can’t seem to download any files larger than 1MB. What if you don’t
want to use wifi to download, what if you want to use your normal data to

If you are in such situation, then you are in the right
place for a fix because Xiaomi is always careful about bandwidth management on
their OS hence the default threashold.

How Can I Bypass the Wifi only download limitation on my
It’s pretty easy like learning to read A-Z.
>>Go to the folder name system (if you are using Muiu V5) or
the folder named Tool (if you are using muiu v7), open “downloads” app, by the
right hand side click on the gear icon>>Settings>>download size
limit and increase the “file size limit” to 20MB or unlimited.
You see, it’s pretty simple and you will no longer see that
annoying wifi only download. Still got some problem with it? Ask your
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41 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of The Annoying Wi-Fi Only Download Limit on Android”

  1. Yomi, to be sincere with you, i have never used WIFI to browse, any time, i want to try it, i do get the signal but to connect is another problem.

    Anyway, getting rid of that signal on my Android phone is another sweet thing i really need to do.


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