How Much Did Your Bank Charge You in Naira to a Dollar?

Online shoppers, dollar is pretty climbing the ladder of
infinity and according to what Bureau De Change Operators are saying, that it
will still rice beyond measure and naira will keep falling.

As at last week, it will interest you to know that the local
currency had closed at 325, 318, 313.5 and 310 on Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday
and Monday, respectively. I want to ask those of us who had recently purchased
something online using your PayPal or master card how much did your bank charge
you in dollar?

As at last week Friday, bank charges at 315. So how did your
bank charge you to a dollar?

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55 thoughts on “How Much Did Your Bank Charge You in Naira to a Dollar?”

  1. Sorry for posting this here the contact us is not working for me

    Mr. Yomi i need to talk to you privately
    Here is my mail aysegzy at

  2. Does anyone know how much it is to convert back to naira. I have $120 in my payoneer card and wish to withdraw it via the atm but I dont want to go check the amount cuz I woould be charged about $2 for checking my balance lol. Inputs pls.

  3. When Buhari entered sit. He promised us so many thing but there is something that him and his parliament or should i say cabinet discussed earlier January. Can u guest that they were trying to reduce dollar from 350 to 250 before the end of November. So you can this.

  4. But when Jonathan was on sit, he helped bring dwn the price of Dollar. He tried, but not until some foolish young guys who couldn't even the see the danger ahead went about shouting Change Change and to God be the glory. HERE IS THE CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN CRAVING FOR~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. May God help us in Nigeria…I'm suspecting this downward trend in oil price is being manipulated by superpower of this world to punish for our over reliance on oil. It is the best time for us to diversify our economy


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