Did Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Just Copied iPhone X?

This is a very big question waiting for oral answer… A set
of spy shots of a rumored Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S model (the next version of the Mix 2
possibly?) appeared earlier on weibo and as you can see for yourselves, it
seems that there is no more room for original ideas. Now we recognize who the boss is…

They copied iPhone X.
rumor pictures of mi mix2s
According to the spy picture above, and if we are to go by
it, then the next Mi Mix 2S will pack a bezel less display with an iPhone
X-style cutout on top. What this means is that the selfie camera will now
return to its normal position: in front and above the display, something that
will also benefit the design of the device as the bottom bezel will now be even
rumored pictures of mi mix2s
We are not concluding yet because the picture is not shown
in full. The spy pictures also shows that the “horns” around the cutout are
wider, leaving more room for icons in the status bar compared to the iPhone.
Well, we haven’t confirmed the authenticity of these images
but will Xiaomi fans prefer the new redesign or maintain the old design on
Xiaomi phones?
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