How to Fix System UI has Stopped Working on Any Android Devices

This is mostly common on android devices among all errors “Unfortunately,
System UI has Stopped”. When this happen , your smartphone will be less
responsive, and some of your apps will seize to work. 

This mostly happen due to so many reasons e.g recent app updates, Google app update or
third party installation.So long you are using an Android device, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Xiaomi etc, you may experience this error and here is a simple fix

How to Fix System UI has stopped working?
There is no one way of fixing this error message but in most cases, the
first method is recorded because it has helped fix
Method One
Restart Your Device: with a simple restart, the error is fixed without
the need for any other solution. So before you go ahead with any solution try
out to see if the Error still persists and based on that you can go ahead with
the other solutions mentioned below.
Method Two:
Uninstall Google Update:
Go to Settings then tap on Application Manager or App ->
search for Google App and
tap on it -> now tap on Uninstall updates
option to stop the updates. Restart your Android device and check if the Error
is fixed or not.
Method Three:

1)Navigate to your device “Settings”;
2) Select “Applications”, tap on “Menu”;
3) Select “Show system application” in pull-down menu;
4) Then find “System Interface” among all applications. In
“Memory” section perform clearing all data and cache.
Restart your device and everything should be back to normal. Android device
is like a bae and you are the boo… Take good care of it and you won’t have any

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26 thoughts on “How to Fix System UI has Stopped Working on Any Android Devices”

  1. Copying another's article is illegal. Web hosts are supposed to take strict actions against websites that copies copyrighted work from other websites. If reported to google adsense, wahala go burst.

    • Hello Krain, Once you get to installed apps on your device. Carefully scroll down until you see Google apps like google map, google play, gmail etc but don't touch google services.

      At the tail end of your device, you'll see uninstall updates…

    • Your Hard disk is heavily fragmented and you need to defragment it.

      Force shut down your Windows 7 computer when it's not responding. Be aware that a force shutdown may cause the unsaved data loss.

      Restart your computer and defragment your hard drive. Click the Start button> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragment.

      Once you are done, you can then run a full virus scan of your PC.

  2. It's better they are reported, Joel ThankGod. These guys wanna be bloggers, but they are not ready to work. They are bunch of lazy guys living on other people's sweats. The instant yomiprof posts an article, they post the same hour's after, same date! It's really bad..

  3. My Tecno K7 is not working also. I bought it new. It hangs and most of my apps (settings, phone, radio, picture, back up and restore among others) has stopped working. My SD card stopped working recently so I depended solely on my internal storage. Now my internal storage has disappeared. Everything saved on it has also disappeared… my music, pictures and all. I tried restarting and it said my UI isn’t responding. I don’t know what to do again especially because my settings app won’t open too. please hear me out

    • Hello Vency,
      Its obvious everything is not working on your phone. The best advice I can give you is to factory reset it since its still a new device, hence you may not
      have too much doc inside. But I’m guessing your Tecno K7 is the clone version. Though I don’t know where you bought it from

  4. Am using Techno k7 and av tried checking for google update in settings but its nt dere… Its been telling system UI nt working

  5. Am using techno k9 I have struggled with this problem for so long how can I get off from this work UI has stopped functioning


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