Before You Buy Another SmartPhone, Read This

I was just wondering if I can briefly put up something about
this before obtaining a new device because I know so many people don’t know
much about Smartphones. I think it will be very ideal for you to carefully
recommend this post to anyone who is planning to buy a mobile device.

First thing first, ask yourself this question. What do you
want to use your smartphones for? Is just to facebook, twitter, ping or
otherwise? Or do you want to use it to blog, store valuable information or
perhaps as a modem…
Regardless of what your answers might be, read the following
==>Google the Spec of the SmartPhone you want to buy and
check for the following.
RAM: Make sure the RAM is atleast 1.GB and above if you
want to enjoy the maximum speed of your smartphone.
Internal Space: Make sure the internal Space is
more atleast 1GB and above or else you’ll always get message like ‘you are running out of
space’. Game lovers, this is a must.
Hotspot: Make sure it has wifi and hotspot. With
the use of hotspot, it can serve as a modem and wireless connector to your
Laptop or any other of your device.
Battery Life: This is very important because it
can be so annoying having a sexy device that only last for an hour thirty
Cam Pix: Make sure the camera pixel is atleast
5mega pix and above if not the pixture resolution will be so poor.
==>Data Subscription: I listened to an advert on our
local Radio channel and it says “Blackberry without and internet is like Bread
without butter”. You need to check if such device will consume data and which
data subscription should you go for? 
Of course there are many fake android phones in the market
so make sure you check for the original before purchase. You can check this post on how to check Techno Android original and if you are going to buy a
blackberry phone, make sure it’s bb10 or else go for a Nokia phone.
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4 thoughts on “Before You Buy Another SmartPhone, Read This”

    • There is a tiny sensor right next to the LED notification light in the upper right corner of the phone (not visible to the naked eye). If you want to see what Im talking about…..go into a dark room and call someone and look up in that right corner you will see a faint red sensor light activate.

      This sensor lets the phone know when it is up to your ear and shuts down the touch screen so your chin or cheek doesnt hit it and disrupt your call. If the sensor is blocked by dirt, makup, debris etc it will not work properly and your phone will freeze in sleep mode until the call is completed. Try wiping down the area near the LED that we usually neglect because its not part of the display and see if that solves your problem. Hope this helps!

  1. Oga prof, my curve 4 trackpad started malfunctioning few days ago. I can scroll around, but I have to press several times before it can click.


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