Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Will be Getting Android 7 Nougat Upgrade 4th of August

This upgrade is long awaited, anticipated and now hope of
receiving Nougat updates on Tecno devices is gradually being revived. It pains
me to the ass to see some of my colleague struggling with

Android 5.1 Lollipop
on their Tecno devices even though they are willing to upgrade to the latest Android OS but upgrade
seems not to be coming.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel… Tecno Phantom 6
Plus will be getting Android 7 nougat 
OTA update come 4th of August 2017. Atleast if Phantom 6 Plus
can get OTA updates, others Tecno devices should get theirs at later
What do you think?
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13 thoughts on “Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Will be Getting Android 7 Nougat Upgrade 4th of August”

  1. Tecno still has alot to do spec-wise. Their modus operandi of making and dumping should be discarded. They should just thank their stars that the likes of Elephone, Le Co, Oneplus are not in this country.
    Anyway, I think they did well with this OTA update. They're waking gradually.

  2. By the way Mr Yomi, I think you need to review that third party data Seller quotation. He told me there's an addition of 200 on the plan I was rooting for. I wanted just 4gb, to give him(Seller) a trial as I would only be making use of the data for just 4 days at the maximum .


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