This Pre-Wedding Pictures Were Taken With Redmi Note 3

When it comes to choosing device, don’t just bye Mega pixel
but something you can always make reference to later and thereafter.

This Pre-wedding shoot was taken with Redmi Note 3 32GB
internal memory, back camera
 in Port-Harcourt
City and I guess you can see the clarity and sharpness of the camera.

From Slimness to sleekness to lite weight and to the camera.
Everything was a hit back to back using the Redmi Note 3. It actually beat my
local expectation.
Happy Married Life to this sweet couple BankyVera! Wish them well on

You can see love in the air…

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    • Just back up all your contacts (can easily be done when you have your gmail synchronized) Apps and docs. Nothing more. Or if you have a pc, connect your android to pc via a usb cable and you'll see the option to transfer all your files videos music etc.


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