What Airtel Didn’t Tell You About BB 2in1 Subscription

Today has been quite amazing guys even though I decided to
type this out of my busy schedule right on the move. That’s why most atimes,
it’s good to have a device that can blog. I pop into Airtel Office to obtain a
Wi-fi device for a company, chatted with one of their CC agent to inquire
about the new Airtel 2in1 Plan;

and I was told that before you’ll be eligible for
their new 2in1 bb plan that works on all device, you must be an active
subscriber for atleast 2yrs old on your blackberry device. In order words, it
means if you are not  an active
subscriber, you’ll always get not eligible message.

Don’t dull yourself, if you think you are an heavy internet
user, and you’ve never tried mtn night plan before, I heard some sim are been
given 6GB for #2500 instead of 4.5GB; most especially those sim you hardly use
to subscribe for their plan. If you are lucky enough, 6GB will be smiling at
you after subscription. 
To those who are still very much careful about Airtel 1.5gb,
It is now stable even though we are still expecting a better android plan for
our telecom network. I read what NCC wrote on their FB page and without much
doubt, Android consume more data than Blackberry Smartphones because of it data
compression. But don’t worry guys, I’m working on a VPN, that should work with
android device so that you’ll be able to use Bis on android phones again. Let’
hope it amount to success. And don’t forget to read how you can reduce excess
data consumption on your android device here.

How Much Data Allocated To Airtel 2in1?
Well, Engr Wale thanks for bailing our ass out of this with this info, though i went to their office but it skipped my mind to ask the dude that responded to me.

For Airtel #1,000 60 days, 400MB to activate dial *440*191#
For Airtel #1,400 60 days, 2048MB to activate dial *440*111#

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16 thoughts on “What Airtel Didn’t Tell You About BB 2in1 Subscription”

  1. Airtel still dey f**k up. I decided to give it a try yesterday I loaded N600 for weekly and decided to download a 100mb file to my data n d remaining money got finish @ 89.mb. I was a kind of confused then I decided to try it again maybe i made a mistake. I reloaded another N600 then carefully subscribed to BB weekly again then I checked my balance after browse for about 5min then I saw only 196mb I was surprised then I continue browsing without though streamed video a little all of a sudden it stopped browsing then I checked my data/balance everything is zero again. THE BB ZAPPING HAVE NOT CHANGE AND MAY NOT CHANGE. Now its MTN nite all the way now.

    • Hello man, it's very easy, just go to play store and download blogger app if you are on blogger or wordpress app for Android. Bloggin on mobile is so interesting.

  2. Mr Yomi I heard about MTN 500gb from Mankind d owner of naijaloded plz help us to check it may be its real…

  3. Hello mr yomi, pls what is the subscription code for the airtel 1.5gb and it price? Also can it work on my andriond tethering it to my pc. Thanks in advance.


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