Must Read: New Guideline For Sim Card Replacement by NCC

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)
just released a new set of rules concerning sim card replacement. Those of us
who have multiple illegal sims, beware because NCC is coming for you.
The rules are even more stricter than

==>Any SIM to be replaced must have
been registered in accordance with the Registration of Telephone Subscribers
Regulation 2011.
==>Any subscriber, wishing to
replace a SIM card must be present in person or authorize a proxy with a Letter
of Authority.
==>Must present a valid photo
identification such as driver’s license, national identification card, voter
card or an identification letter from a traditional ruler and religious leader.
==>A subscriber is also required to
present the SIM pack or other evidence of direct purchase/ownership of the SIM
card in question and where that is not available, an affidavit, attesting to
the ownership and loss of the SIM, must be provided.
==>No more sim card swap by
According to the Head of Legal Services
at NCC, Mrs. Yetunde Akinloye, said the tough process had become necessary in
order to stop fraudulent swapping of SIM cards by people, who were not authorized
to do so by genuine SIM card subscribers.
But NCC, this rules are too strict na? Tamper justice with
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14 thoughts on “Must Read: New Guideline For Sim Card Replacement by NCC”

  1. Oga prof. Pls my new bbQ10 is always getting hot while i'm using it. What could be d cause? Is it d battery or my airtel network or the phone itself is not good?? Pls help me out. I experienced thesame with a previous London used Q10 and I had to exchange it with this new one that is giving me thesame problem

    • Its not the battery, its the network. I experienced something like this on my old BB10, always get hot whenenver Mtn sim is inside but normal on glo sim.

      Just set your network to Edge and it won't be unnecessarilly hot again. Also try and update your OS to 10.3.2. it is far better than the previous

  2. Prof, am experiencing thesame on my BBQ10 as stated by Adedeji above and it usually drains my substandard battery within 6hrs. Is there any follow come Q10 battery that can still last up to day even with an incessant browsing? Cos the battery dat came with my UK Used BBQ10 is nothing but an headache.


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