Rumour Has it That Tecno Is Coming With a Bang 4GB Ram & Lollipop 5.0 Device

You’ll all bear me witness that in recent times, Tecno has
not really been impressive with their face me I face you kind of phone that
look like a device they keep releasing every now and then. But rumors has it
that Tecno is set to explode the mobile industry with its upcoming Lollipop device.

Running on 4GB Ram, 5.0 lollipop, 5inches smartphone, 8mp
rear camera. Details are still sketchy but still on rumour table.
I personally don’t have a thing for Tecno devices… the most
annoying aspect is that I noticed most Tecno device always display “enter
privacy protection password”
, I don’t know where that ish is coming from but lets
hope future Tecno phones will actually crack the internet.
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15 thoughts on “Rumour Has it That Tecno Is Coming With a Bang 4GB Ram & Lollipop 5.0 Device”

  1. Lemme guess, that privacy protection password is coming from an anti theft app,and most people do complain it happens after changing of sim. So i guess it's an activated anti theft app

  2. Let's hope the price is okay, cuz these Tecno people don dey get confidence now dey behave like high end people pricing phone like say dem be apple


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