Airtel Android 4GB for 2K & 9GB for N3,500 Re-introduced – Will You Rock it?

Airtel Just notice that data competition is actually high and most of
their customers is seriously drifting a way to another better and cheaper
network… And they think the only way to fit into this data competition is to
reduced their data price by 100% as well as bringing back the Android 1+1 offer
which gives you 4GB for 2K and 9GB for #3,500 to last you 2months and 3months

Initially, this plan was stopped by Airtel NG and I’ve come to realize that
ETisalat and Glo is seriously given them hard times in the data market so they
had no choice than to bring the Airtel 1+1 package back.

Before you subscribe, you must be
eligible enough if not, it won’t work.

How Can I Subscribe For This Package?

==>Dial *437*1# to check if you are eligible
Or dial *438*1#
==>If you are eligible, load your Airtel line with N2,000 or N3,500
depending on the package you want to go for
==>Set your APN to
Save and connect.
Will This Airtel Plan Work on My Device?
Yes, it work on all device including iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Blackberry etc…
Don’t hesitate to ask your questions
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40 thoughts on “Airtel Android 4GB for 2K & 9GB for N3,500 Re-introduced – Will You Rock it?”

  1. this 2015 is a good year o. all this company just de reduce, introduce nd reintroduce package while correct guys de tweak imei thank God for this forum after 5000 tries i finally got 14GB on my mtn.

  2. Pls Yomi, I dialed d code to check my eligibility, but it kept telling me "u dnt have sufficient balance for this plan." Though there is no money in my phne yet. Does that mean am qualified?

  3. Prof Please I need your help on the followings

    I need the real working steps of getting a Facebook comment box.

    I need a linkwithin widget with thumbnail cause my former one is not displaying thumbnail.

    Please I need the code for the related post on your blog

    I need a place to get them or through my E-mail Please Prof God will reward you.

    • Just dial thesame code as above to know if you are eligible or not… If you are lucky enough, you can be eligible. This update might actually be different from the previous because competition is now higher so Airtel will want to make everyone eligible.

  4. Prof am d one with d bbm issue after o.s 10.3.1 update dat is displaying 'bbm has lost its connection,please wait while the server attempts to reconnect'.,up till now it is still showing d same thing…..have tried using wifi connection and other networks….pls what else can i do?

  5. Oga prof I got dis msg when I tried subscribing for the glo bis"Could not resume user 2348059029097 in RIM, plan not sold : Error in http interface." Dis is not the first time am doing dis,it has been working for me but i don't know what happened dis time


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