#7 Success Habit

“How will you define success?”
When asked this question, entrepreneurs will give different answers.
Some will say success is achieving independence, control and security.
Others may say that it is power, or making more money. Still others will
say that it is having friendship, practice, even rising from
failure.Some will even say success is who you are.
lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most
difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. You will be
successful in any business if truly you are honest with yourselve about
what you can do.

#1.Discover your area of interest:
Take the time to discover your area of interest. What is it that
interest you must in life? Look down deep inside of you to find your
real wants and dreams. Your interest often will come from your natural
abilities. Your business will be successful if it is built around your
natural abilities. Every entrepreneur has natural talents. Some are good
at organizational skills, some are natural singers, some just love to
make people laugh. Wow that means you’ve got a business. You will be
successful if your business is built around what you love doing.

#2.Visualize Your business:
In order to realize wealth and success you must visualize that business
coming through. You have to see it, believe it and live it. Create a
mental picture in your mind of exactly where you want to be as if you
are already there! Sketch out that building design, draw the beautiful
projects of what you will be doing when your dream is accomplished. If
you can see It you can be it. Perhaps your idea of financial wealth is
not having any debt and also having an ample savings account. Others
equate financial wealth with having millions of dollars in the bank,
while others just want to find joy in their life through making services
available to others. I believe a person can be wealthy in any business
you engage in.

3. Know Your Reasons: Why do you
want to have your own business? why do you want to be your own boss? Why
do you want to succeed? Why do you want to reach a certain goal? Why do
you want to make a certain income?
Your reasons gives you urgency
to achieve your goals regardless of the hurdles. When the going gets
tough, and you want to throw in the towel and give up on your dream, it
is your reasons that will give you fresh fire to move on. Your whys need
to be powerful to get you to where you want to be. Your whys gives you
feather to fly even when you are tied of living.
Take about 15 to 30 minute and figure out why on earth do you want to start your own business.

4. Set time frame: you
can even call it deadline. You boost your level of confidence when you
take steps. Deadlines poison procrastination. It is extremely important
to your self esteem to accomplish goals continually and it also keeps
you on track toward the finishing line.With deadline- you will push
yourself to complete it.

5. Believe in Yourself.
Believing in yourself gives you an identity that will make the world to
identify that business. The world truly stand aside for the man who
believe in himself to pass. That business that you are thinking of can
succeed if you truly believe in yourself. You don’t need the consent of
the world to approve you before you start your business. You have what
it takes to get your first million dollars.

6. Law of attraction.
Did I just say law of attraction? Yes! That’s it. What you think about
you attract. Want to be a musician? Think of music and that baby
musician will be born. Do you want to serve others better? Think of want
and you will start providing solution to people.
You attract 
what you think. If you think you positively then you get positive
result. Think of financial abundance and your mind will be full of new
ideas and possibilities that you never imagine before.

7. Accountability:
Your business venture will count when you are accountable.
Accountability is one of the most powerful things we can do for
ourselves. It makes you to do what you want to do – but lack the
discipline to do it on our own – in the beginning.
Accountability doesn’t mean you are too weak to do it on your own .Just
the opposite. It means you are so passionate about change.

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