Your Brain Juice For Wealth

The juicy part of an entrepreneur’s life happen the moment his mind begins
to produce result. Your real success begins firstly from your mind. If you want
to know if your business will succeed or not, it begins from your mind. To me,
this illustrates the incredible power of our minds in influencing what we
currently are, and ultimately what we become.   In my life, I have
found that I am a “work in progress” versus a “completed project”, as I
discover, or “re-discover” who I really am.  To me a work in progress
implies one who is humble enough to receive correction, and a completed project
in another, implies one who is a “know-it-all”, who in prideful arrogance, can never
be wrong.

In reflecting upon the results of my life, where things have not been as
great as I would have liked them to turn out, it has been challenging (to say
the least) to accept the fact that my thoughts largely affected the negative
effects of circumstances/events in my life.  Searching self-help books,
searching the net, and reading lots of material has really Empowered me
mentally, in that I can become conscious and aware, of what my thoughts
are.  In doing so, I have also discovered how easy it can become with a
“victim consciousness/mindset”, to take the focus OFF of my accountability
regarding my chosen thoughts, and focus upon everyone else’s problems. 
This sadly becomes a smokescreen to myself and those involved personally with
me, and actually dis-empowers me mentally, which leads to problematic results
of which I am not willing to be accountable to.  I have discovered
this then can lead me to being a slave to my own mind.

In order words, you are a slave to your thought. There is no limitation in
any man’s life order than the one that already exist in his mind. Your through
success in business, family, health, career begins from your mind. In my
adventure in life, I have discovered that impossibilities first existed from
the mind before it get to land. Just like what the great author Napoleon Hill
says “the word impossible is only found in the dictionary of fools”. If you
adopt this principle you can succeed anywhere in the world doing the right

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