Will You Rock This Crazy Device.. Infinix Hot?

Hope Infinix is not going to blow me up this time. I think I
need to control my crave for mobile device… #GoodLord help me not to fall this
yet to release Infinix Hot temptation
. Without much doubt, Infinix zero’s  demand is actually higher than the rate at
which women got married this year; which is to tell you that it is a good
device to hold, use and surf the net with. 
But Infinix is set to surprise us this festive season and I’m
sure you are going to like that. Infinix hot is the next up coming device to be
release few days or weeks from now. It is an improvement on Infinix Zero

and can be gotten at a cheaper price.

Infinix Hot Spec

Network 3G/2G
OS: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat (Upgradeable)
Dimentions: 142.4*
Display: touch Screen
Processor: Quad core 1.3GHz processor,
Memory: 16GB Rom+ 1GB Ram
Music: MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV
Video: 3GP, MP4, AVI
Connectivity: WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, USB, Bluetooth 4.0
Camera: 5.0 IPS Screen M Rear facing Camera, AF 2.0 MP front
Battery: 2000 mAh
Price :  #15, 000 ($100)
According to an undefined source, the price might be lesser
than that. OMG, this device seems to be sweet, sleek and sexy.
You can view more about the spec with Pics here
Meanwhile, Infinix Zero now comes with a free 5000Mah Power bank  from Konga, to get yours, click here.
The question is, will you rock this device?
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45 thoughts on “Will You Rock This Crazy Device.. Infinix Hot?”

  1. yomi prof… am the one who requested for a custom rom whose kernel will work with ram expander… i use a tecno f7 (phantom a) android 4.1.1 and a kernel version 3.4.0… buh pls ican i change the kernel without wiping out my whole phone apps and data. i will appreciate your help sir

  2. pls I need help I have done all what u said I can't browse with my tecno r7 I have change the imei to a BlackBerry which u gave that was a success and I have created a new APN which I put only BlackBerry.net but still can't browse with my phone pls I need large help not too greedy and new 3g bb imei this is my email address [email protected]

    • This sound strange. But if you've changed your r7 imei to blackberry imei, on what sim did you change it? make sure your glo sim is on the sim port your change you imei. You can dial *#06# to check the your sim imei.

      Set your apn to blackberry.net
      no password and no username.

      Check if you have data on your Glo sim by dialing *777*0#

      Check your email, imei has been sent.

    • I have experience that before with my infinix zero what I would advice u to do is if u are sure that u have successfully change ur imei to BlackBerry, insert ur glo in a blackberry phone and browse and download for like 30mins glo would likely send u a message that ur line has been registered with the blackberry that u are browsing. Then insert the Sim in ur R7 phone I am sure that it would browse then. Let the house know how far

  3. I think I luv it and I'm waiting for it to land on Konga… besides, why are u guys deviating dis thread? if you want anything regarding imei, post ur comment on imei thread. YP do something.

  4. prof kindly help me to reset my unlock code for my mtn e303 with IMEi:867648010071759. i try used DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1143 software to reset but i dont have the crack for it.
    if you can help me with the crack , i will b gratiful.
    [email protected]( Engr. mohammed)

  5. My Pro help me out to make a better choice in this my situation please, my elder bro wants to send me a smart phone. He asked if i would prefer Android 4.4kitkat (Samsung Product) or iPhone 4s. Please if it were you, which one will you go for? And i want to go for the one that has more quality. Please help my Prof.

  6. You guys should learn to post in the right thread. Stop popping in every thread with recurrent problems. 🙂
    Mr. Yomi try to check some of your other threads for comments too o.

  7. Please let's learn to post in the right thread. NIice phone review but I still doubt the battery life. If infinix zero is this hot, how hot will infinx hot be?

  8. pls Mr yomi , I'd love to change my HTC imei tryd all the process it keeps saying command error. pls drop your number so I can call you or whatsapp me pls 07064697698

  9. Etisalat 1.5gb imei tweak still rocking hard. as dem no wan gree renew d one wey I do last month, na so I sharply buy anoda sim #50, port my imei 2 anoda tecno Z3 imei..no time

  10. Sir I root my tecno n7.I can't change my imei with mtk.and also mtkdroid doesn't prompt up the information of the phone and where to put the imei.pls help me out.I have used mtk engineering mode

  11. prof… ambthe one who requested for rom for my device. tge rom i dowbnloaded seems to be uncompatible with my device .. an using an osbversion 4.1.1 but the rom is of 4.2.2…u have installed ut but it keeos bricjing ny fine.. pls can you provide ne anoda one fir tecno f7 whose kernel would work with roehsoft ram expander.. os 4.11. thank you sir

  12. sir yomi, i have a problem which i dont know how to address. my infinix zero sometimes refuses to download, usually when i click on the download link it streams the media iwant to download instead of downloading. pls what do i do

  13. @yomiproff@! U nah BOSS oh, see as many site dey TUALE for U…….. I wish I b like U , I go for dey reason like WHITE oh……more grease to your elbow

  14. Why you should go for the iPhone 4S is because it can easily be upgraded to the lastest iOs version, but android phone running kikat 4.4 can't be upgraded to Version 5.0. IPhone 4s can be upgraded to run the same version with iphone 6plus.

    More also you can always have buyers standing by all over the world for iphone. Many china phones run Android 4.4 and so forth but only apple products run iOs.


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