Get Etisalat & Airtel Cheapest Data Ever in History, Tested & Crested!

guys, I know you love cheap data subscription and I’m here to give you the
cheapest data subscription ever. Telcos recently reviewed their data packages
and  prices and same also applies to some
third party re-sellers. I have compared this data attached and prices and it’s
by far better than normal etisalat subscription.

Should I go With This Plan?
doesn’t zap,
is the cheapest
get your data in minutes
is reliable.
it Work on my Device?
it will work on PC, Android, iPad, iPhones, Windows and Blackberry 10 devices.

the data lists below
– N300
for N400 
for N500
for N600 
for N800
for N1200
for N1800
for 3000 

For Airtel ,

50MB for N50 or airtime of N100
100MB for N100 or airtime of N150
250MB for N300 or airtime of N400
500MB for N400 or airtime of N500
1GB  for   N600 or airtime of N700
1.5GB for  N900 or airtime of N1000
2GB  for  N1200 or airtime of N1400.
Can I Get it?
Contact  via whatsapp  08184732157
can also get a permanent 20% discount for bringing in new customers. You too tell me, which other plans can be better than this?
The re-seller is a reliable person, tested, crested and vested! I know etisalat
is one of the fastest internet network in almost all locations, so don’t
dull yourself. Ask your question if you are confuse.
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30 thoughts on “Get Etisalat & Airtel Cheapest Data Ever in History, Tested & Crested!”

  1. its still the much difference with the original plan..Yomi what about the glo 12gb you posted about i have sent you mails but you never reply

  2. Why should I buy 5gb for 3000, while I can get 2gb for 1200 and 3.5gb for 1800 in total I will get 5.5gb for 5000 front the same seller, I guess the seller need to look into that, but I still dey gbadun airtel bis on my elephone p8000 working perfectly on it and am waiting for NTEL and MTN 4G LTE to use on it too

  3. This is nice. Things are actually getting better. I agree with Shola Tom, the reseller should review that 5gb for 3000k. Thanks for the info

  4. Pls Prof help me with the latest version of spflash tool and the driver for Infinix Hot x507. My phone is rooted, I tried to upgrade and it got bricked. Pls help me my Prof.

    • Hello Tony, I want to beleive you are thesame comment as above you. First of all go to this Link to here to unbrick your device.

      You can also download the stock rom, and use SP flash tool to flash the rom to your device. Download sP Flashtool here


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