Android Instant App: How to Run Android Apps Without Installing Them

Imagine a world where you can
use any Android app without actually the need to download or even install it on
your smartphone. No installation required. Just tap the URL  and the apps open even if the user doesn’t
have the full app installed.
This is the world the god of the network intend to offer you
… the world called instant App!
Google realized that downloading an app is a real pain in the ass sometimes when you
don’t want to install the complete app on your smartphone.
Announced at Google I/O event
on Wednesday, Android Instant Apps will break down the walls between websites and
Android apps by allowing people to tap on a URL and open an Android app
instantly, without even having to install it.

If you close an Instant App, it’s essentially gone. It
technically lives on in your cache for a few hours.
It will be available for Android users later this year, and
the good news is that Instant app features will work on Android 4.2 Jellybean
and later.
This is why Android rules the system! If you are not on
Android, you are wrong.

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15 thoughts on “Android Instant App: How to Run Android Apps Without Installing Them”

  1. Apps too de crash on Homtom ht3, I reboot d Doogee phone several times but some of d apps still de crash or force stopping, what can I do?

    • it crashes because of the 1GB ram embeded in your phone. The phone memory is even low 8GB rom. my advice is, uninstall apps you don't make use of and clear your apps cache by going to settings>>apps and clear data.

      Reboot and you are good to go.

  2. Morning Prof pls i need a link to download avast antivirus premier/avast pro cracked or a free license key. I need it very badly my system has been vulnerable for the past 4 days. Thank you

    • Hello Olaitan, download from normal Avast website here register it and new lincense key will be email to you.

      don't go for all those crack keys because they hardly update your avast. Of what use is antivirus without constant update.


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