The Return of Nokia, Should Other Chinese Brand be Scared?

When Nokia was upping the mobile market, Samsung was nowhere
near the ladder. Chinese smartphones were not noticed… and not even the so called
elevated Infinix & Tecno smartphones that has so much taken over the
African mobile market.  When Nokia died a
temporary death,

everyone thought they actually lost the battle not knowing
that they were only strategizing for season two “The Return of Nokia”.

Nokia was the world’s top mobile phone maker between 1998
and 2011 but was overtaken by South Korean rival Samsung after failing to
respond to the rapid rise of smartphones. Hence, sold its handset unit to
Microsoft in 2014 for some $7.2 billion which dropped using the Nokia name on
its Lumia smartphones.
Two days ago, Nokia announced their return but on
Android platform. Nokia believes in quality, long lasting battery and this
time, they are set to take over the mobile market.
What do you think will happen to other Chinese android
smartphone company’s? Considering the facts that Nokia always produce quality
mobile phones. Should Samsung, Xiaomi, Infinix, Tecno and likes be scared?
What’s your opinion?
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11 thoughts on “The Return of Nokia, Should Other Chinese Brand be Scared?”

  1. I Hope they are not coming back to continue with XL? I hate Nokia XL android phone it's nonsense . If they will do pure android, something good and better than infinix and tecno then they are welcome.

  2. I remember my favorite Nokia N series, how it serves me. I really wish they can come back and take over the mobile market. If they want to produce something like Nokia XL, they should better stay back or else stay silent.

  3. Whenwe talk of price Nokia can not compete with those china phones, because I believe there price will surely be higher than China phone price, but they will like to compete with Samsung and apple, so far they produce a good product running on android, I believe they will go a long way. Anyone here that never use Nokia phone before just start using phone some few yrs back.
    I will always support Nokia any day and time, but with a good product

  4. Am not even sure if they gonna be able to gain ground because people have taste the freedom of mtk devices. Changing imei and all that.. the community of mtk phone is growing every day. I even heard infinix now have band… if infinix release smartwatch that's the end. Nokia. They've made the mistake already coming back. Is really gonna be hard for them.

  5. I also saw that infinix band but if Nokia can braze up their game with crazy spec cheaper price. I think they may be able to regain the mobile market

  6. It don't mean nada if they come a hundred times; they're gonna keep failing as long as they keep under-rating the African market.

    Their cardinal sin then was overpricing their value-loaded products (E-series, Navigator etc) in the upper-bracket cost ranges and leaving the rotting pickings like 3310 and all their other "torchlight" models for the mass market while the Chinese guys had started targeting low-cost,value-rich models at the same African mass market; they underrated our intelligence and hospitality!

    As long as they think they can get away with selling us some rugged 'tech-blind' scrap for 30/20k; they'll always fail.

    And, they should go pure android. No need reinventing the wheel or thinking they can remodel our thinking here; Naija has gone open-source and aint nothing any of them neocolonialists can do about it! So, we dey wait them, they should bring it on, we're ready!


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