5 budget Ramadan-friendly Destinations

These budget cities will make sure you have a culturally satisfying Ramadan. Here is a well assembled list of Ramadan-friendly cities to visit during the month of fasting.

Vacationing in these destinations will offer you the opportunity to explore each city’s uniquely local Ramadan practices and customs, while being fully immersed in the essence of Ramadan. We’ll share our top 5 budget places you can consider when traveling for Ramadan. Nothing to worry about as you can book cheap flights from travelstart.com.ng everywhere and anywhere in the world.

1. Alexandria, Egypt


Grant the tourist-traps of Cairo a miss, not to mention tour the port district of Alexandria. Bibliophiles can examine to their hearts’ information at the well-known Library of Alexandria, exactly where a copy of each and every book publicized worldwide is held. To absorb in some historical knowledge you can also visit several fascinating Roman catacombs, the spot of the Pharos (the incredible lighthouse ) alongside an astonishing Roman amphitheater

2. Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Pay a visit to Almaty for its amazing climatic conditions and elegance hammams. You might like to capture world-class ballet and opera at strikingly less prices. In case you wish to experience a bit of winter in the peak on the Middle Eastern summer, check out the well-known Medeu outdoor ice skating rink, located at an altitude of just about 1,700 metres.

3. Amman, Jordan


This cosmopolitan and new metropolis provides a halal-friendly and peaceful vacation spot; equipped to the brim with traditional gems for instance traditional ruins, museums. souks and mosques. This also structures a remarkable base for researching popular features of Jordan, like Petra and Wadi Rum.

4. Baku, Azerbaijan


The capital city of Baku is cherished for its picture-perfect outlook together with its enchanting old-world magnificence. For those who love architectural design, be prepared to undergo a cityscape that has the best of Paris and Dubai. As soon as you are done sight-seeing, pick from the city’s large amount of eateries that serve unique Iftar menus.

5. Zanzibar, Tanzania


Flee the summer high temperatures by moving to the Zanzibar Archipelagos that boast of crystal blue waters of the Indian Water and unspool White Sea shores. Furthermore not to be forgotten are the good-looking mosques in the historical Stone Town, on this island paradise escape. Alternately, just go for a peaceful sail on a traditional local dhow.

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