Google Scroll to Text Coming to Chrome Browser

This is a new feature that is currently under work in Chrome browser, I’m sure a lot people will love it, and there is every tendency it will be ported to other browsers.

Scroll to Text is a new Chrome feature that will let you create a link targeting a word or phrase on a page. The new feature will allow users to share links to specific sections of web pages, even with those pages that don’t have anchor links.

 This is how it works

Users will be able to highlight a section of the text on the web and then create a custom URL that points directly to that section. It would load the URL as usual and scroll to a specific section of the article on that page automatically.

It is just like sharing a YouTube video that start at a specif spot. E.g If you want your friend to start watching the video from 2mins mark, you can create the link for that specific spot.

This feature is being added as a flag to Chrome. It might take a week or so to show up in the Canary channel. Once the test is complete, it will be released to beta chrome users and then to the public users.


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