Cheapest Data Subscription For All Android, iOS, Blackberry & PC Users in September

It’s a brand new month and its expected for you to know the
best subscription that best suit your device and still work as at this moment.
At this point in time, you should already know the class which you fall in
terms of data consumption… I mean to say you know how many Gigs you consume in
a month therefore just go with the network that concerns you.

Airtel Nigeria: Where are those guys using Airtel sim? I
guess you are still staring, come over here because Airtel partnered with Payporte
determined to give Nigerians free internet for 6months and I don’t want you to
miss out of it.

How Can I
activate it?


==>Download the latest opera
mini browser and you are good to go.

Airtel normal internet settings and you are good to go (
password and username internet)
Note you can also
use it on PC so long you have opera browser and it powers all your application.

note that Airtel  Blackberry plan and android plan as
been upgraded to 3GB.

To activate…

How Can I

==>For Blackberry phones only
load N1,000 and dial *440*1# for 3GB

==>For other devices load N1,500
and dial *440*16# for 3GB.

MTN: Without much talk, Mtn BIS has actually been saving
life  right from 1900BC with simple server
and open vpn on both Android, iOS devices and PC users are not left out.
Regardless of the type of Android you are using, so long you are rooted, SS
will work on your phone. BBMID and BBLited gives you 5GB both daily, weekly and
How Can I Set up MTN BIS with SS?

For those of you who are new to simple server, and don’t
know how to set it up on PC nor Android devices, please click here
To subscribe for BBLITEM monthly dial *216*3*3#
For weekly dial *216*3*2#
For daily dial *216*3*1#
How to Use OpenVPN on Android, PC & iOS Devices

==>iOS users and Android users should download openvpn
from Playstore/Appstores  while PC users should download  here
==>Download the configuration file here (use
any one)
==>Now import the file connect and enjoy uninterrupted browsing.
==>For username and password, visit vpnbook or use this (Username: vpnbook
Password: 5UceCrAt)
How to Set up Psiphone with MTN BIS
To configure your psiphon for android, do the below
==>Download it here
==>Launch it and configure the handler like this proxy:choose real host
==>Save it & go to more options>Use HTTP>>Use the following
setting>> port:8080
==>Choose U.S.A …connect directly and start surfing.
And if all what I’ve written above still look like magic of
avatar, then you can sub for 1GB for N500 on Mtk Android devices; see guide here.
Etisalat: Etisalat plus psiphone still rocks like thunder
unlimited, with just N150, you can download unlimited both on Android and PC…
no need posting it again since it’s already posted before.
For normal users, depending on how you often use your data,
you can always get Etisalat 1GB for N1,000 by dialing *229*2*7#
Glo: Glo recently upgraded their data database thereby
introducing 1GB for N1,000. Note that this plan works on all devices. No
tweaking involve just subscribe and vuamm… you are connected. See the image
below for guide
Are you still confuse? ask your question 
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    • Psiphon & Etisalat Configuration

      => Subscribe to the weekly Etisalat Chat park, which is one of Etisalat Smartpak packages that goes for N150 by dial *343*5*6# or
      => Subscribe to Etisalat monthly Social me that goes for N200 by dial *343 *6 *11#

      Note: For Socialme package, you must be on Easy Cliq plan. If you are not on Easy Cliq before dail *244 *1# to migrate to Easy Cliq before you subscribe for Social me package of N200.

      Psiphon Configurations
      » First of all, Download Psiphon apk version from here
      » Install it on your Android Device

      Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:
      » APN: etisalat
      » Save And Activate it as your default settings.

      » launch your psiphon and use the set up below;
      » Open Psiphon handler, scroll down and tick Remove Port
      » Under it you will see Proxy Type, just tap and choose Real Host
      » Scroll down to Proxy Server and input
      » Now scroll down to Real Proxy Type and tap the default to select HTTP
      » under Real Proxy Server input and 8080 for Real Proxy Port

      » click Save
      » a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device and it will take you to the next phase
      » Choose the Option Menu
      » Under this Option menu, you will see Select Region, tap and select USA
      » Still on the Option menu, you will see the More Option tab below, tap it and then scroll down to Proxy Settings and tick the Connect through an HTTP Proxy, check the box
      » Still on the More Option, select Use the following settings
      » Then scroll down to Host Address and input and 8080 for Port
      » Go back now to the main page of the Psiphon and tap the start button below, you will get a warning message, tick the box there and Ok Psiphon to run, then wait for it to connect, it will connect and after that just minimize and fire up any browser and any other apps.

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  2. prof what is the phone configuration using mtn bis wit openvpn and psphone? Is it same and 8080 or different proxy and port?

  3. Yomi oo pls help ooo hw dat airtel opera mini will work on pc and how e go take power all app pls be comprehensive on ur explanation and shey na unlimited. ..pls pls reply bro no do ojoro for we airtel users lol thanks

  4. @Yomiprof, I couldn't get that Opera stuff u mentioned in ur post working on my Android with Operamini Browser. I tried every effort to make it work by thoroughly followed ur procedure. I'll like to ask if it can be tweaked with Simpleserver to make it work


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