Get The Latest Version OF BBM With Full Material Design & Private Chat

BBM is finally looking like an android app with their latest
updates… if there is anything I love about it now, is the cool material design,
it makes it looks more mature than the former. With this, those of you who are
still using OGBBM might want to do away with it.

BBM has a new material design layout. With that, BBM now features a
slide-out navigation drawer, a floating action button, and a flatter
look all around. Perhaps not the biggest part of the new Android app,
but it’s good to see BlackBerry following the cues from Google’s design
The latest version of BBM version doesn’t only
comes with extensive material design but also comes with an additional feature
called private chat. I’m sure you are really going to love this new version of BBM.
Where Can I Download It?

You can download it here
Do you use BBM? If so, what do you think of the update?
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16 thoughts on “Get The Latest Version OF BBM With Full Material Design & Private Chat”

  1. Yomi i hv a prob on my inifinix note pro..wen eva i chat on wtsapp..after typin..nd i wnt to go back to my contact or any wher around d keyboard freezes for sum secs without leavin d screen bfor it responds to wt i pressed jst happens wen i chat on wtsapp..hw do i fix dis?

    • Hope your device is not jampacked with lots of irrelevant apps? Anywhay share go to settings>>>apps>>. locate that whatsapp and clear it cache.

      Note: you'll need to reboot your device after the cache clearing.

  2. To add to what the admin of this blog has said, the Private chat in the new bbm will not display your name and it allow you to to form a group of adult content and talk the sheet out of dick and pussy… Just like Yahoo messenger where Amanda sent you her naked breast…

  3. common problm wit techno h5, After dialing, d screen wil blackout i fnk d problm is frm d component i fnk. but wat i did to my phone is dat i told my j.bro who is familier wit andriod, he just make d light on while calling wit 10sec adjustment frm d phone. i.e its engineer work.

  4. bro pls i root my tecno driod h8,after that i install lucky smile and also freedom,after dat i did some tinz on the fone that i dont knw,now my fone google play is nt working,and even i cant upgrade it again,so i decided to unroot and do factory reset which i did,buh till nw may fone is still misbehaving,i can access google play service,i cant log in into my gmail account,i cant even upgrade my fone,pls in need ur help.note i use kingroot to root the fone,nw am having challenges with my google play service and i cant even upgrade my fone have tried evrtin i knw buh d problem still continue.pls hlp me

    • Hello Mr T,
      Go to settings>>Apps>> Scroll down to google play services, clear it's cache and Uninstall updates. Rebooth ur device and check it again.


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