Have You Heard of Revamped MTN SmoothTalk+?

MTN Revamped SmoothTalk Plus is a special tariff plan that now allows you enjoy a
FLAT rate of 15 kobo per second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after the
first minute of the day at 40 kobo per second.

new Revamped MTN SmoothTalk Plus tariff plan does not feature a daily or
monthly subscription fee; but surely comes with some additional features not
present in the old SmoothTalk Plus.

Should I Migrate to Revamped SmoothTalk Plus?
Flat rate of 15 kobo/second for
calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after the first minute of the day at 40 kobo
per second.
Free 10MB weekly on N100 recharge.
Free 100% bonus anytime you recharge
your line (valid for 3days)
N400 Goodybag (400 + 500 bonus (25kb
And lot more.
How Can I migrate to SmoothTalk Plus?
Dial *401# or send 401 to 131.
>>To activate the N400 Goodybag, send GB400 to 131 and
you are good to go.
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18 thoughts on “Have You Heard of Revamped MTN SmoothTalk+?”

  1. abegi my mtn music plus no connect since yesterday,im loosing my clients,i get just 10mb,abeg how can i check my system,it seems it consume a lot of gig when i connect wit my modem,i bought 1gig on friday and by today on etisalat i af 30mb left,i did normal surfing of pages,is it that for instance a page opened on a wide laptop screen goes for about 8mb per page opened or how is it that the mb deducts so fast….please i need some answers..this has been going on for sometime,i disabled all my updates,nothing updates on my system so how come the gigabyte or 1000megabytes i bought from etisalat wipes off so fast…

  2. i have checked everything,the point is i think its either i go back to glo 1500 bb sub on my bold 5 or visaphone,cause when i was using glo bb sub via blackberry hotspot.3 gig takes me about 2weeks and 4 days,with heavy surfing.but all these so called andriod subs,my bro them dey burn data fast..they need to make a platform for pc subscription and android subscription,..once it expires i go dey pray make my mtn musicplus connect to psphon or i close system..i don tire for all d useless and fraudulent isp we have in naija

    • Hello No Spamming, MusicPlus will be fix soonest but mean while, what kind of Windows version os are your running on your system? Etisalat data Zaps, Airtel Zaps except you buy it from third party. Even the so called glo now zaps except you adopt explicit wisdom.

  3. im using windows seven on a dell inspiron 15.6 inches,i really miss my bb glo sub on my bold 5,i just got fraustrated in had to do bblited and b4 you know it my psphon don disconect under 2minutes. abeg which sub can i manage with,shud i go for etisalat 150 weekly sub and use tweakware,if yes what is the settings on tweakware,shud i use the same bundled setting,click on etisalat social pack,den use as http connect thru..if yes i did dis last week and it never connected,dat was wat led me to do etisalat 1gig for 1k last week friday,and just today i af less dan 30mb,just normal surfing o,no download,nothing. nawa o..i wish i was a good network hacker,i wud af hacked 900trillion terabytes den begin to sell to diff companies,guys,crooks,wannabes in networking..etc
    also i noticed dat the music plus,stops at times at 90mb,at times 80mb on my phone,no matter how much i clear the cache of psphon and all,it wont connect again.
    dat year magic sim used to last for almost 3-4months,but due to high increase of unemployment which has made all jobless youths to stay glue to dia phone 24/7 waiting for a new cheat,so dat wen it comes,as usual dem go cast am by overload on download,imagine men downloading 18gig in a day just on series and useless games

  4. Guy, I can vividly tell you since GLO increase their bb plan to 1400 the way the data is zapping is surprising, the last one I bought didn't use 2 weeks, while it normally use up to 26 days before.

    Yomiprof… Which one is the best to use now


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