Which Network Will You Rate The Best Right Now?

Now we have more network in town with different packages,
offering to give you the best data offering but some of them are just eye
service. Lots of 4G networks have even come onboard lately which we are going
to review soonest. Even SMILE 4G network have also launched a new mouth

unlimited data plan for N10,000 available in some parts of the state including
Kaduna; But let’s do judgment to this…

On a scale of 10 Which network will you rate highest and
best in your location in terms of speed and accurate data utilization
throughout the month of August?
The network that is fastest in your location and doesn’t zap
your data. Use the comment box.
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12 thoughts on “Which Network Will You Rate The Best Right Now?”

  1. Let be fair enough we don't have best network in nigeria, buy the fair network in Nigeria should be MTN and I will give MTN 80% or 8
    bcos they have large coverage and they are trying to meet up with customer need in speed they are one of the best.
    Though I know some people will choose smile, ntel, spectranet or swift , believe me if all this network has same customer with what MTN is controlling now I bet you there speed will not go pass EDGE on gsm network

  2. In my own area for now am confused between Airtel and glo. This two network are good. U will know good network when steaming HD videos. If u think ur network is good enough then try to stream Hd or 1080 video.


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