After All The Hype… Na 3G. Infinix But Why?

Right from when I’ve been taking Infinix 101 as a course, I’ve
discovered a lot of question mark which Infinix has refused to answer. 

After all the hype, swag and high expectations, Infinix Hot 4 4G LTE was launched in Kenya and its epileptic brother 3G was dumped in
Nigeria, but why?
After all the hype, and even much more expectations, I’m
sure a lot of you even budgeted your money to get the newly launched Infinix Note 3 only to discovered that Infinix not 3 3GB was what they dumped in
Nigeria while the 4G version was taken to other country.
Please Infinix what is wrong with Nigeria? Launching a
device that comes with finger print scanner, good camera pixel and good battery
capacity is good but not good enough if its residential address didn’t bypass
Aside of the Fingerprint ID and XOS Chameleon based on
Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 3D texture found in Infinix Hot 4, no much different
from Infinix Hot note. This is a question that keeps bugging my mind each time
I read this course called Infinix 101
The same thing was done to Infinix Hot 3, always dumping 3G
in Nigeria. They always release two variants, and the lowest variant always
appear on Jumia Nigeria… But why?
…Very soon, Infinix Zero 4 will be onboard and I don’t want
to start thinking what its residential address will look like this time.
Definitely, I’m not expecting it to be pocket friendly, but network wise????
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16 thoughts on “After All The Hype… Na 3G. Infinix But Why?”

  1. This guys are not sensible if I must confess..
    This infinix hot 4 is so sleek and battery life is of the notes category (strong). It serves me two days of heavy useage but without gaming sha.
    I see no reason why it still wouldn't be 4G.
    They should look into thier management that is those who decide what specs make their phones

  2. Prof sometimes u talk as if u dnt knw this country Nigeria vrywell ok lyk how ppl fit afford 4G data bundles? When d providers of dis so called 4G services are not making it pocket friendly for we Nigerians. So u see dey took it to were dey can sell dere products I still prefer 3G services since the data sub is affordable.

    • Guy ur talking nonsense.
      That we can't afford 4g data services is no excuse from producing phones that doesn't have 4g.
      So if we can't afford it today,what of tomorrow?or you think you will stay 3g for life?
      Tomo 4g comes cheaper n duh ur running around to get money to buy new fone with 4g and I doubt by then if Infinix will be your choice

    • No Mind them jare Na infinix juju dey work on them, must you buy there products?
      Other brand has 4G but you keep complaining and still continue buying, I thought the customer is the king when it comes to buying and selling ?
      Then buy another product and see what happen next if infinix will not comply with your request.

    • Guy why do you call it new?when it still have same old features,after all the hype ofaa new fone,people are expecting to see something exciting and different..
      Una mentality de too low I swear

  3. And yo your question prof saying why Nigeria, you don't know here is dumping site, if they don't dump it here where else do you want them to take it to ?
    Prof you know better, you forget That's how mtn and Dstv behave too ?

  4. Its actually bad because they are kinda looking at us like mid-range dudes. But come to think of it, is 4G readily available in Nigeria? And can a good number of people afford the plans[if available]? For me I think they aren't doing the marketing well. If they send the 4G variant to Nigeria and that person doesn't have 4G, he or she will use 3G or 3.5G and even 4G when available. For their mind, is Tecno not shiping their 4G smartphones to Nigeria?

  5. Maybe kenya people are wiser than Nigeria. And they have much customers in here. Actually for now, infinix customers don't even know about 4g network. Believe me even the sellers don't know much about 4g network. The other day I was arguing with one of slot manager because he told me whether phone has 4g or not that they are the same. So I don't blame them, but someday people will understand.


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