Mtn Is Giving Out Free 1GB Data To Some Selected Numbers

Guys Mtn magic sim is back and working well; it is not blocked. Check your own if  it stopped working, it should now be working fine. If at all anything happen to your sim, their are always new methods for activating it afresh. I will share a new method with you guys asap. For the fact
that Mtn track your magic sim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy free browsing
again; infact, I  have good news for  everyone; Mtn  
is seriously ditching  out 1Gig
data for free. I don’t know if this is for everyone but surely I am a

I was seriously amazed this afternoon when I angrily called a colleague
of mine on my other mtn line; they exhausted the money I recharged without any
notification. When I then dial my balance, I saw 0.00. I then proceeded to dial
*559#, low and behold, I saw 1Gig data plan. How manage? The

China hacker said
it is your luck.

So if at all your magic sim has stopped working, just do the following to
see if you will be lucky enough to get 1Gb free of charge like me.
How Can I Get 1Gb Free Data From Mtn?
1.       Load #100 on your pulse line
2.       Use it until it remains 0.0 naira.
3.       Then check your balance by dialing *559# and  see if you will be rewarded with 1024Mb left.
The question is,
why is MTN giving out all this freebies since last weekend. Throughout last
week, I make the hell out of free calls. Now again Free 1gb on my pulse line.
Can someone tell me what is happening here?
Tested and Confirmed.
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19 thoughts on “Mtn Is Giving Out Free 1GB Data To Some Selected Numbers”

  1. 1st to comment .yomi my mentor ..mayb i might be lucky to have 1gb.. my magic stuff stp browsinq ..but i re-subscribe for 2h and nw still surfinq ..let me watch it 1st and gv back comment later ..left it for 32hr wit as apn

  2. Omennnn… this thing is true ooo. I just recharged on my Pulse line and i finished it wella. Then i dialed *559#, low and behold i saw 1GB free of charge. Now i am begining to suspect Mtn.. Tnx prof

  3. Yommii, miracle no dey tire you? lol! Tanx a bunchy for this valuable info. Inshot i rate your site number one in Nigeria for freebies.
    I did exactly what you said and i got 1gb.
    I did thesame thing on my other mtn line but i only got 10mb. My question is, is it only for some selected numbers or what?

  4. Like me now, i did'nt do anything, i just checked my bal and i saw 956mb. How comes? i don't know. Downloading onPOint


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