Finally, I Give UP!

can’t believe what I’m seeing with my two naked eyes, I can’t believe that it
will happen so soon. Despite the facts that I find it difficult to hide my unconditional affection for this brand; despite the facts that when other brands were nowhere
to be found, she was still there for me.

Back then in the days when ordinary Chincophones use to have Antenna and can easily connect
to NTA, DSTV, Lagos state Television…Then Blackberry was a premium device.

now, ordinary WhatsApp has just determined the fate of Blackberry devices.
had earlier announced that they will end supports for Blackberry come 31st
December 2016; but disaster stroke 3 days ago when WhatsApp roll-out aching
reminder, reminding users that they’ll end supports come ending of the year.
play like play
, an update was released and I updated my old Blackberry 10
device; only to discover that WhatsApp stopped working. Kept re-installing. I
went to Blackberry store and discover that a lot of people who installed that
updates have one complain or the other.
though Blackberry 10 devices do accept android application, meaning that you
can install WhatsApp apk on your BB 10 but it doesn’t work like normal WhatsApp
on Blackberry, doesn’t display notification integrated via the hub. It is just like using
2go on Nokia 3310.
I give up on Blackberry. I can categorically say that no more rising for
Blackberry 10 devices.
of you still using it, find a nearby computer market and sell it. The
tech visionaries didn’t see Blackberry featuring in the future.
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9 thoughts on “Finally, I Give UP!”

  1. We Sincerely symphatize with the demise of Whatsapp on your BB10 Prof. May we never see anything of this nature again IJN.

    Announcer: Yomi's Bloggers Association of Nigeria(YoBAN)

  2. hahahahahahahahaha
    I laff in pidgin….
    Gone are the daays when users of blackberry phones used to raise their shoulders up high but today Android phones ti take over…. iyalaya any BB user that will compare his/her device with Android device

  3. Lols

    Seriously i have never for once fancied blackberry devices. In fact, most times when a free i usually find myself arguing fiercely on the BlackBerry vs Android kind of Topic. Now its clear who the boss really is.

  4. Honestly this new update by WhatsApp about terminating it's continuation on BB and other low end devices tire me oh. I think this is the new method in which Android devices will be promoted amongst all. But this BB10 inclusion surprise me oh. I rep

  5. What? Is it so serious? Oh poor blackberry. I wonder what all those bb users are going to do now. Whatsapp is so cool to be missed especially on BLackberry devices. I was wondering why even the bb 10 devices that support Android apps are also affected. I sympathize with blackberry users o. Better days still ahead. Commenting from


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