Is Your Phone Consuming Data Too Much? Fix it Here

One of the most annoying thing every smartphone user
normally complain of is mostly related to data not been enough; or your device
zapping data excessively.
Have got a permanent solution to all those whose data don’t
last on your device. It is an anathema for you to have 3GB of data today and
two(2) days after, you are crying for data loss because some insane “Ogaz” on
your device judiciously consume your data without your notice.

If you fall in the category of people whose data don’t last
on device, then grab a seat with a chill cup of Hollandia Yoghut as I pilot you
on how to solve this problem.
How Can I Reduce Data Consumption on my Smartphone?
==>Restrict App Update Only to Wifi: Apps on your device iOS or
Android are automatically designed to update whenever they perceive the smell of
internet access. And most atimes, apps update are large when updating; so restrict all apps
update to Wifi only.
For Android users, From the Play Store
app’s main screen, head to the side navigation menu and choose
“Settings” to get started. From here, select the “Auto-update
apps” option, then choose “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.”
iOS users should know how to go around
with that from general settings.
==>No root Firewall: This application
helps you to control internet access or all your apps including background apps
running aimlessly without your notice. Once your download and install it, you’ll
see all the apps illegally consuming your data, then you can choose to block
whichever you want.
Any question? Use the comment box.
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10 thoughts on “Is Your Phone Consuming Data Too Much? Fix it Here”

    • Your job is just to install it, and it will do the rest job. it will notify you when an app is trying to access the internet, your job is to deny it or allow it.

  1. unfortunately process. com. android. phone has stopped when on incoming call on techno h7

    The solution you provided earlier didn't work pls help

    • If this solution below doesn't work for you then your final resolve is to flash your device.

      Solution -1

      -On Your Phone Home Screen, Tap the Menu Key.

      -Then Tap Settings.

      -Then Tap Call Settings (aka call, Phone, or Phone Settings).

      -Tap Reject With Message (aka Ignore With Message).

      Now check that how many default messages are there on this list. If you have more than 5, Then delete some messages until you have left with less then 5.


      – On the Home Screen of your phone, Press Menu

      – Now Tap Settings

      – Now Tap Applications

      – Tap Manage Applications

      – Now at the Top, Tap the All tab

      – Now Navigate to and tap your equivalent of the phone app (may be called phone or dialer)

      – Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data as available

      – Now Turn Your Phone off, then back on.

      Now check that the problem still exists. If yes, then in addition to clear the cache from phone app clear cache & data for contacts. Also, try to force close the following applications under running services.

      – Google Service Framework

      – Contacts

      – Gmail

      – Calendar

      – All other mail & social media services (like facebook etc.)

  2. Good evening prof, plz I need your help on my blog just change my template now and I need you to help me review it if there is anywhere that need correction

  3. I got rid of mine yesterday, it's one so called com.system.patch and com.system.browser

    Those two app were the ones sucking my data like mosquitos of my village.

    Please delete those App immediately they're on your device, you really don't wanna have any of them.

  4. Gud morning prof,l need your candit advice, lwant to flash my tecno f7 ,from mtk stock rom l downloaded from site you gave on the scattered file which of the files am l to tick,.reason for flashing was that the phone do not charge battery, when I plug it,it will indicates charging but the battery never increases in percentage.

  5. Prof. pls recommend me a nice android phone. It must have at least these two features: long battery life and very fast browsing capability. The camera quality should be good. Budget – 15k.

    Pls reply as soon as possible.

  6. hello prof. i want to purchase a domain for my website. but anytime i get to payment option,i do get error msg.i don't know whether it's my credit card cos I'm using ECOBANK master card.


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