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Those of you who are looking to get a cheap data plan but don’t know where and how to, then you’ll find this information helpful.

A smartphone without data is like a car without a fuel. We all need data that is why we try all we can to get you the cheapest data plans of all time with a trusted third party seller.

You can get;

Etisalat Data Plans

1GB for N700

1.5GB for N1000

1.75GB for N1200

2GB  for  N1300

2.5GB for N1700

3GB for N2000

3.5GB for N2200

5GB for N3200

10GB For N6500

Note: Validity is 30 days

MTN Data Plans

1GB for N600

1.5GB for 950

2GB for N1200

3GB for N1750

4GB for N2150

5GB for N2800

Note: Validity is 90 days

Glo Data Plans

2GB for N900.

4.5GB for N1800

7.2GB for N2250

8.75 for N2700

12.5GB for N3600

15.6GB for N4500

25GB for N7200


Validity is 30 days

How do I Get This Offer?

Call or chat us up on WhatsApp 08184732157 for a fast deal.

N.B: I have been dealing with this dealer for up to 3 years and I can recommend him to everyone. He’s trusted and tested. Please if you have any issues at all with him, kindly let me know and I’ll take it up from there.


*This is a sponsored post*

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