Do You Use a Phone Case or Not? Let’s Know Your Opinion

Personally, I don’t use phone case nor screen protector. I love my phones to be left the way it is. I prefer the ‘natural’ feel of metal and glass even if the phone is a bit battered around the edges.

My first phone lived 3+ years looking nearly perfect, despite multiple drops on cement and tile, and even one drop of about 20 feet onto wood.  Second phone lived for just 7months before I ditched it out, also in nearly perfect condition.

phone case

I’m reasonably careful with my phones but I still believe that without a case they would have small to moderate damage by now.

Types of Phone Case Owners

The first are the caseless people, like me. Phone case naturally makes the phone feel bulky which I don’t like. This made me remembered my old xiaomi redmi note 3 battered around the edges but its tough metal edges have weathered life without case for good 4 years.

The second group see cases as accessories to express their personality, and don’t give two hoots for protection. These people like to have phones that get noticed.

The Third set are those who can’t do without using phone case. They hate to hold phones without cases… to them cases makes the phone last longer.

The fourth groups are the borderline paranoid’s geek, who can’t bear even the slightest flaw on their precious phones. These are intensive phone users who see the phone as a workhorse of a mobile computer, and so swear by bulky, tough armor cases that may save the phone in a fall.

The question is, do you think phone cases are necessary? Which group do you belong?

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21 thoughts on “Do You Use a Phone Case or Not? Let’s Know Your Opinion”

  1. I’m the third and a little bit of the fourth group of people. I believe phone case makes a phone last longer and i get restless if i see any scratch or damage that could have been avoided with a case or screen guard.

  2. I don’t o. The last time I used a phone case, my phone was stolen while the case was left for me. I prefer using my phone plain

  3. The only time I used a case for my phone was then in school days when I bought blackberry curve 2. I like phones to be the way they are without cases

  4. I’m belong with the third set. My tecno P5 is still alive since 2013 with the follow come screen protector still intact.

  5. I’m undeniably, unapologetic, fanatically belongs to the 4th group, the phones are to precious to allow any scratch or fall. On the average my phone(smart phones) falls(Glory be to GOD) once in about 5 month,that’s even mild dropping not serious ones. For instance over 5 years now have been using smartphone, my phone have only dropped terrible once. I take sooooo much precautions that my subconscious mind is now programmed against phone dropping and faulty situations. SUPER CAUTIONS I’ll say, with this, I tend to sell my phones in perfect condition to recoup as much money i can to augment the new one to buy… The fear of not having one is the beginning of my wisdom…
    Phone case na life saver oo.

  6. Am in group 3rd. I can’t use phone without case, because I don’t want to see any scratch on my phone. U can get beautiful cases from jumia . I even changed my case whenever it look old.

  7. I belong to the third group. Cases protect my phone from unnecessary scratches and I do sell it anytime I need to buy new one.

  8. I’m in the first group but I can’t boast of how meticulous you were with your previous devices. I hate how cases make a perfectly portable phone a big fat disaster

  9. Am in the 2nd group. I only buy cases that makes my phone look beautiful to me and it only be in red, dark blue or mixed red/ black colors.. haha

  10. I belong to the First and Second Group.
    But currently i now add a screen guard oh. To avoid stories that touches the heart.

  11. yes, i do use phone case for now due to the environment where i find myself presently, in the nearest future after a relocation i don’t think i will be needing a phone case. I personally do not like phone case.


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