How to Get Your National ID Card Online via NIMC Mobile App

[Updated Jan 2nd, 2021. Download the Updated app from the links below for Android and iOS]For a while now, some of you who have successfully registered for NIMC was only able to check if it’s ready for collection here or not. But NIMC has simplified the process by simply making it easy to get your National ID Card online.

Going to their office is stressful, but with this newly launched online process, you can get your National ID card in a few minutes.

National ID Card

So if you have kept the national identity slip containing your NIN for long, it is time to get the original ID card via the simplified online process.

The NIMC has allayed these concerns by introducing a quick means of getting your national identity card through an online app.

How Do I Begin

Download the NIMC Mobile ID App by visiting here

First, you need to download the NIMC Mobile ID app, powered by its mobile serves platform (MWS).

1. For Android users, download it from the Google Play store or APKmirror; for iOS users, download it from the Apple store.

2. After downloading and installing the NIMC Mobile ID app, the next step is to correctly enter your 11-digit national identity number (NIN) found on your national identity slip.

NIMC National ID card

In case you cannot remember or find your NIN, you can dial *324# via Nigerian sim cards only. Do not input your bank verification code (BVN) as your NIN to avoid being blacklisted.

3. Select +234 as your phone country code if that is not the default selection before entering your remaining 10-digit mobile number. Use the mobile number registered with your NIN. Ensure that you do not make any errors when filling in your information and check again to correct any mistakes. Click ‘next’ on the top far right.

4. Read and Agree to the attestation

5. Fill in your secret PIN you can easily remember to protect your credential on the app and hit the finish button.

NIMC ID card

Finally, Click on ‘Show my ID’ and your national identity card will be ready for download. Congratulations! You now have your national ID card.

Let us know in the comment if you’ve successfully gone through the process.

Note: According to what is written on the site, a new version of the app is still propagating with the server.

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35 thoughts on “How to Get Your National ID Card Online via NIMC Mobile App”

  1. I have the app and I tried. but it’s the old version of the card, it’s doesn’t have the new features National ID card have now.

  2. So what if you misplaced the number you used nkor?,I did mine since 2013, have lost the sim and didn’t retrieve it back

  3. Hello prof. Is this App useful to those who hasn’t registered at all. I mean I haven’t registered yet. So can I register with this App or will I have to go to their office and do it? Please help!

  4. Thanks for the info Prof as always, but this does not fix my dilema of not having a NIN number altogether, and the going to the office is not on the cards for me at the moment, so how do I get the NIN???

  5. I don’t see the importance of this, though It showed your ID that can’t be downloaded and even if it does it wouldn’t be acceptable for ID verification anywhere.

  6. Getting OTP to verify sim while adding new sim line is erratic. So far I have not b able to add my Airtel line bcoz I didn’t get OTP. D app only allows 7 sim cards per NIN.

    PROF, is there a way to add more than 7 lines to a NIN?

  7. Whenever i input my 11 digits NIN, it Will then show me a countdown of 10:00mins expiration of the UserID and Token Pin which I never received on multiple occasions or trials…….mind you the mobile number I used for the registration is currently available and intact, but they just never send me the required UserID and Token Pin….. Help me out Prof

  8. Thanks Yomi… I’ve successfully added my Nimc number to the app, but there’s not option to actually download the Card.. all it does is show me the card


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