CardYork – Your Best Place to Sell Gift Cards and Bitcoin for Cash

You got this gift cards you got from a relative, family, friends or colleagues as a gift or purchase and maybe you no longer have need for it, you now want to convert it to cash but your greatest problem now is where to exchange it,  well the solution is here.

If you are reading this today, then consider yourself lucky, today am here to  recommend and introduce you to a platform and a website where you can sell your gift card and bitcoin for naira hassle free, they are fast, quick and pay in less amount of time.

Cardyork gift cards bitcoin

Before we proceed ,let’s discuss some challenges you may encounter when selling gift card and bitcoin for cash in Nigeria..

Getting Ripped of your Card

Losing gift cards and bitcoin to rippers can be very painful, The facts is that rippers or scammers are all over the internet thus anyone could become a victim.. If you’ve been trading gift card and bitcoin for an appreciable period of time you know what am talking about here..

If you have a gift card or bitcoin you want to sell for cash or convert to naira instantly we highly recommend you make use of They are the commander and leader when it comes to gift card exchange for cash. They buy your gift card and bitcoin and sent the money direct to your bank account.

They have proven to be trustworthy and reliable from my experience and have earned the trust of thousands of customers and still counting.

Why is Cardyork the Best and Recommendable Platform to Exchange Gift cards and Bitcoins for Naira? 

Most websites are not safe and secure, you will be very sure of your gift card but after sending them the card they will tell you that your card has already been redeemed and many other stories like that.

One of the core values of Cardyork is honesty. This and  several other reasons are why Cardyork is the best and secure platform to redeem your gift cards and sell bitcoin for Naira.

Consider more reasons like:

  • They are duly registered with cooperate affairs commission
  • Guaranteed payment – they will pay your money direct into your bank account so there’s no cause for worries or fear
  • Trading gift cards on Cardyork is risk free – because nobody will rip you off
  • Easy and secure transaction
  • .You can trade gift card of any amount from $25 – $200 and above
  • All forms of card are accepted on CardYork – both electronic code and physical gift card forms

Types of Cards You can Trade on Cardyork

Below are the gift cards you can trade on cardyork:

  • Google play gift card
  • Itune gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Walmart gift card
  • Target gift card
  • Footlocker
  • EBay gift card
  • Vannila gift card
  • Sephora gift card
  • Apples store gift card
  • Razor Gold
  • Master
  • Macy gift card
  • Steam gift card
  • Home deport
  • Nike Giftcard
  • Off gamer

How to Begin Trading on Cardyork?

Below are the steps to sell you gift card on Cardyork:

Step 1. Visit the website on

Step 2. Click on the “START TRADING”

Step 3. Confirm their current rate

Step 4. Send in the gift card or bitcoin

Step 5. Receive Payment

Yes it is that simple!

Get in touch with them today without further delays and you will sure have a reason to smile.


What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

How To Sell your Bitcoin

To  sell your bitcoin for cash simply head over to

How Much is Bitcoin.

the price of bitcoin varies from time to time , however to know the current rate visit

What is Gift Card

A gift card is a form of preloaded or prepaid debit card that is issued to customers by retailers , grocery shops, electronic stores , and online market places. Gift cards could be issued to serve as an incentive to a customer or as an alternative to cash

What Are The Popular Gift Cards Traded

To be able to maximize the potentials within giftcard trading, you would need to focus on the popular gift card market.. Such as google play steam, apple store, off gamer ,amazon etc..

How to Redeem or Convert Your Gift card to Cash.

To convert your gift cards to cash whether amazon, steam, google play or any card you may have, Simply head over to now.

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