Are You Eligible for This New Airtel Double Data Offer?

I don’t know if it is all sim that is eligible for this Airtel Double data offer but I’d tried this on two different Airtel chips and it works just fine.

It is a different ways of getting the double data unlike the previous and according to the text I got, that the double data offer will on my sim for 3 months… though I’m still watching and counting to see how this will go.

Airtel Double data offers you 100% extra data when you subscribe for any of the three packages below

airtel double data

N1000 gives you 3GB

N2000 gives you 7GB

N2500 gives you 9GB +1GB (usable at night)

Will it Work on my Device

Airtel double data will work on all devices.

How Can I Get it Airtel Double data?

Dial *144#  if you are eligible and reply with 1,2 or 3 depending on the package you wish to subscribe for.

Atleast, those of you that doesn’t have access to ntel in your location can simply opt in for this offer or MTN double data offer.


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33 thoughts on “Are You Eligible for This New Airtel Double Data Offer?”

    • If you are not getting what is in that picture, then I don’t think you are eligible. Dial *140# to check your balances. You’ll see your normal balances, bonus balances and another bonuses balances. About 4 different set of data balances

  1. This one works for me. Prof, pls what’s the venue and time for Techfest. I received invitation email yesterday but I didn’t see venue and time, also it was not stated whether i should come for 15 or 16 although i applied for 16th.

  2. MTN double data isn’t working for me anymore despite me following the same procedure. I may try this next

  3. Thank you Yomiprof for the 9mobile magic SIM I’m even running a hot-spot for my whole family.
    I got auto renewal on the SIM this month of May in addition to my remaining balance about 79gb total as my current balance

  4. I saw everything, I was eligible, I sub the N500 but was given only 750mb I checked the data balance and am still seeing 750mb

  5. Yes yes yes I’m currently enjoying it but when I contacted their @airtel_care on twitter, I got d line provided is not eligible. There’s a disconnect somewhere

  6. Thanks for the info prof. Mine start from 7GB for 2000, 9GB+1GB night for 2500 and 11GB+1GB night for 3000.

  7. I really don’t know why airtel enjoys making there services sim selective. Something that everyone should have access to, they will enable for in some and not in others.


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