InnJoo Set to Release A New Product Line – InnJoo A Plus!

After waiting for 5months for InnJoo to atleast unveil what
they have for 2016, they finally clear the airways, coming up with something
completely out of this world. Something you haven’t seen before, feel before, or
touch before. You might have used all InnJoo products but this; you haven’t,
not even in your dream.

InnJoo is set to release a new products line called A Plus…  It is InnJoo A+ Smartphone. No
word about the spec or the price but from the way it was described, it might
likely come with bigger screen, bigger battery, bigger spec and I want to also
assume that it might be 4G LTE enabled.
The product will be launched ending of May 2016… Stay glued
for more update on  the spec and price. Better late than never!
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17 thoughts on “InnJoo Set to Release A New Product Line – InnJoo A Plus!”

  1. Guys run from this virus am currently using called innjoo. It's innjoorious to your pocket. No spare parts anywhere, charging port issue, …. Runnnn oooo


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