Have You Heard About MTN Mobile Electricity?

Have you heard about MTN Mobile Electricity? I think in those
parts of Nigeria where you need to do extra prayer and fasting for Power
Holding Company to atleast release electricity for 30 minute needs this more. A
lot of people are in this country but didn’t know something like this exist.

Of a truth, necessity is the mother of invention… MTN Mobile
Electricity is an affordable solar electricity
solution that can power light bulbs, cellphones, fans, PCs or laptops, radios
and other small electronic devices, all at once, every day.
What is in the Pack?
MTN Mobile Electricity Kit:
1. Indoor unit 300Wh
2. 6 sockets at 12V DC
3. Large solar panel 80W
4. 2 powerful LED room lights
5. USB adaptor
6. Mobile phone charger

The device is recharged either for 3 days at N133 per day with total price of
N400, N121 for 7 days with total price of N850 or N110 for 30 days with total
price of N3,300. It is linked to your MTN SIM for easy subscription wherever
you are.

It is absolutely cheap and reliable… atleast, allow your
generator to rest!
Go to any MTN office closer to you for more enquires. It
works with 12V DC appliances only.

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25 thoughts on “Have You Heard About MTN Mobile Electricity?”

  1. Hmmm. This thing got me cracking my brain. After purchasing the solar, then I will still need to recharge it with mobile? What kind of trick is that? As long there's solar panel and there's battery one can easily hack the IC.

  2. Wondering aloud. I have the Solar panel the battery etc. So, i will still use my money to recharge/fuel-up the battery before i can make use of it? It's only advisable if the Kit is free of charge, anything outta this is "wayo wayo".

  3. Sorry prof,l had to use this medium to reach out to you. l really need a vivid tutorials to order from gearbest. l have following your candid advice to buy from gearbest.l have an account with first bank,l have a master card,with this how do l order,payment etc.Thanks in anticipation.


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