NCC Fine InnJoo Mobile N4Million For Selling Unapproved Smartphones

I foresaw this one coming and even InnJoo Management had
imagined it coming to pass. They knew that the time will come that they’ll be
fine, I’m not happy because the fine wasn’t much that was why they responded
Those of us still bouncing in the euphoria of InnJoo unceremonious swelling battery, it seems the god of the land his finally considering
answering your prayers.

Earlier this week, NCC raided the office of InnJoo mobile
phone maker in Lagos for selling unauthorized mobile phones to the public and
slammed them a fine of N4Million. According to NCC, the kind of unapproved smartphones
InnJoo Mobile sells to the public will hinder network quality. In order words,
sub-standard smartphones is not good for the public.
Their office was sealed… but InnJoo responded very fast and
paid the N4Million.
A lot of people who are in possession of InnJoo Mobile
devices have ranted on InnJoo Mobile Facebook, not having InnJoo accessory here
in Nigeria. InnJoo Halo was a complete deception because a lot of people
actually taught it was an MTK device not knowing that InnJoo actually used it
to act a movie scene.
It is true that InnJoo had one of the biggest opportunities
to take over Nigerian market phone industry but, they missed out on learning,
they missed out on changing, and thus they lost the opportunity at hand to make
it big in Nigeria. Not only did they miss the opportunity to earn big money,
they lost their chance of survival in Nigeria.
Please, when next you are going to get a device, before you think
of InnJoo… think something else.
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10 thoughts on “NCC Fine InnJoo Mobile N4Million For Selling Unapproved Smartphones”

  1. NCC ain't cwios @ all, dy banned innjoo 4 selling substandard devices, bt immediately innjoo responded & paid d fine, so innjoo wil stil continue selling d same trash isn't it

  2. I think NCC is biased here. The Fine was just too meagre… I mean, gosh! It's highly ridiculous. Those guys should be sent outta the country for Standard Sake.
    I was at a retail stall some weeks back to get a phone for my buddy. We priced Tecno phones but my guy wanted to see all the brands selling theirs as well. He went to Innjoo stand and was bargaining the price, so i went to check on him at the "stand" because i was at tecno stand-so to say. I immediately asked him what he was trying to do. I told him point blank right before Innjoo agents that he was playing with fire. "you dont know what you are doing, you shouldn't even be near Innjoo not to talk of you pricing their gadgets" i said. One of the agents wanted to calm me down but i told him to keep his explanation to himself. I told him, Innjoo should be out of the country if not for unserious NCC. I then pushed a question to him, "do you guys have accessories for damaged phones? Do you have a customer care in the country? Are your product standard?" i queried. He can't say a word, then we left their booth for tecno booth.


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