How To Convert/Install Any Java/Symbian App On An Android Device

I noticed that almost all techno  Q1 using BBM is not functioning properly; in
such a way that your installed bbm turned upside down. If you are in such category
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download this app “SETOREINTATION”, run and install it and click on set orientation and your bbm will
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Back to business, I’ll just show you how you can install any
java or symbian (jad, jar or sis) application on your Android device with ease of use. I know so
many people might have been wanting to install a symbian app on their Android
device  but don’t know how to go about
it; that is why this tutorial is created.
PC & Internet
How Can I Download Symbian or Java App On My Android Phone?
==>Download the application you want to convert (jar,jad,
or sis) on your PC
==>Go to
and you will see different upload options
==>Select the option that best suite you
==>Click on get apk and the file will be downloaded to
your pc
==>Once you’ve downloaded the file to your pc, you can
then transfer it to your android device and use it as occasion serves you.
It’s so easy, simple and a calculated tutorial for java,
symbian lovers who are using  an Android
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13 thoughts on “How To Convert/Install Any Java/Symbian App On An Android Device

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    • Do you have installed the self care app on your mobile? if yes, click on self care and you should see options to transfer. or better still, do welcom bak.. and use ur money udoh

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