BBM Mod – Allow You To Back up Chat, Hide “Read” Status & Change Theme of Your BBM Messenger

I’ll like to dish it the way it is burning… don’t quench the
fire because this might be another atomic bomb on your device. I can’t deny the
fact that I had and still enjoying the elder brother of Whatsapp called
Whatsapp+ couple with the fact that I can customize it the way I want. That is
why I’m the boss. Despite the facts that Whatsapp has been banning their elder
brother “whatsapp plus”; I know a fix will come out soon.

Have you heard about GBBM?

I actually saw this on XDA forum and I feel I should share it here
too. It is a customizable Blackberry Messenger. It works just like whatsapp
. How do you feel when someone keeps sending you PING on bbm and you don’t
feel like to reply? Hmm… it sound awkward but do you know, you can actually
hide that disgusting, annoying “R” on your bbm… That is what GBBM does. It fix
it for you; In order words, I can read all my chat messages without you knowing
I have read your messages.
Why Should I Use GBBM?

==>GBBM gives you the possibility to backup program Chats
and the possibility of restoring later
==>You can hide read status “R” and you can
change the conversation bubble shape
==>You can change the color of notices icons and also also
change the backgrounds of
Gallery… In other words, you can change your bbm theme background
==> You can change the colors and sizes of text, where
you can Theme design
your own,
It supports all versions of Android, and many of the features
seen by yourself.

Where Can I Download it?

You can download it here
How do I Hide Read Messages?

Go to GBBM settings – privacy – Hide read status
Before you’ll be able to install it, you’ll need to
uninstall your current BBM and then install this one.
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  1. Prof, lately the battery will take forever to charge. I plugged it in last night at about 20% or so at around 11 pm, and this morning right now its only at 84%? Is there anything that can help this? I have tried using other chargers.

  2. Prof please where can I download the openVPN configuration to use the MTN music 150MB.
    and where to download simple server. exe

    please you didn't answer it in your last post that's why I posted it here again.
    please Prof I need it, please.

  3. Yomi i'm sorry to bring this up here,but pls ur forum on sdk emulator to change imei,its not easy to follow. N pls can I change sony xperia imei?

  4. Hey prof.. i'm usin simple server on my android to use bis.. its quite goin bt apps like whatsapp, badoo, 2go re not goin
    Pls help


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